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Bucket Explorer Makes it incredibly simple to
use 'Simple Storage Service' (Amazon S3) and  Amazon CloudFront (Amazons CDN)

Bucket Commander Helps to Schedule & Automate Uploads, Downloads, & Bucket Backups (Copy)

Team Edition Provides shared folder(s) for Team

How Amazon S3 can help you?

Amazon S3 provides a secure, reliable, scalable and inexpensive, "pay only for what you use" storage service on the internet.

You can store 10,000 documents for only 15 cents per month*, and use S3 for offsite backups, web hosting of media files, and much more.

multiple data centersYour data is stored at multiple data centers
making Amazon S3 the most reliable and affordable online storage service available on the offsite storage market today.

Amazon billingNo minimum fee and no over usage fee.
It costs just 15 cents per gig per month to store the data and only 10 to 18 cents per gig for data transfer. If you use only half a gig of the average space in a month, you only pay 7.5 cents. If you store terabytes, you won't pay any over usage fee. Like other utilities (electricity and gas) you pay for what you use. With Amazon you don't pay a minimum monthly fee.

off-site backupUse it as "off-site backup" for your important data.
Those pictures, videos, music, presentations, documents and all the emails stored on your external hard drives are not really safe as the USB hard disk will not save your data from fire, flood or theft. You really need off-site data backup and by storing data at Amazon S3 it is less expensive and more convenient than a trip to your bank's safe deposit box. With Amazon S3 your data is quickly accessible, always available, and forever secure.

cheapest web hostingUse it as a web hosting service.
The data stored at Amazon S3 is accessible via HTTP and secure HTTPS. It is delivered from the nearest data center and itself uses S3 infrastructure for their web sites. You can publish selected data and if you have your own domain you can even use that in the URL instead of using amazonaws URL.

easy data sharing and accessingUse it to share files.
You can set access permissions to share data with selected groups of users or make it public. You can control access for each file, and you can even generate a signed URL, which expires after a certain time. If you only want to use it for yourself, but occasionally want to share a file, you can do that with a single click and make sure that the shared access expires when you want.

reliable and
low-latency online storageStore virtually any kind of data in any format.
There are countless possible uses. You won't find a better deal for highly scalable, reliable and low-latency online storage. Period.

You need Bucket Explorer to use S3

At Amazon you store and organize your data in containers called Buckets. Bucket Explorer is graphical user interface (GUI) to manage those Buckets in an efficient and user friendly way.

Amazon provides only development kit for the storage, which can be utilized by computer programming. With the help of Bucket Explorer, Simple Storage Service (S3) can be used without writing a single line of code. You can use it as a simple FTP like client tool for S3, or a S3 backup tool.

Bucket Explorer's key features:

  • Flexible team work with shared buckets and restricted permission.

  • Command line scheduling of upload, download, and copy operations.

  • Versioning and trash bin to avoid loss of data due to accidental delete.

  • Access shared Bucket while registered with AWS only.

  • Copy/ Move files and folders within same S3 account or to different account.

  • Synchronize local and Amazon S3 data using comparer.

  • Track account activities with bucket logging and SimpleDB audit report.

  • Browse buckets and the files stored at Amazon S3.

  • Fast upload and download files, to and from Amazon S3 buckets.

  • Create public URLs and signed URLs to share the files.

  • Upload files in HTML format for Web hosting (even when the extension is not .html or .htm).

  • Set Access Control on Buckets and Files.

  • Proxy support for NTLM authentication.

Our customers Testimonials

Paul Palmer Testimonials Bucket Explorer is the best of all the "front ends" for S3 in my humble opinion. I came to the product late after trying about 5 others. The user interface is clean and navigation is a snap. What I don't know is why this solution is not included with external drives, i.e. Seagate, Western Digital, etc. as the preferred backup solution. Keep up the good work. Paul Palmer Testimonials
-Paul Palmer

Om Malik, GigaOM Testimonials Bucket Explorer, Bringing S3 Storage To The Masses- Bucket Explorer puts an easy to use user interface for Amazon's S3 service... BE seems to be handy product. BE team also has some tips and tricks on how to use S3 for image hosting, and web hosting. Our customers Testimonials
-Om Malik, GigaOM

Bucket Explorer Forum user Testimonials I just started using Bucket Explorer after using S3 Firefox for a while, and the difference is impressive. 30 MB files used to take 40 minutes to upload, and fail half the time; now they take 10 minutes with no problems. Thank you for an excellent program. Bucket Explorer Forum user Testimonials
-BucketExplorer Forum user

Give Bucket Explorer and Amazon S3 A Try Today!

By providing your credit card information directly to, they will allow you to store hundreds of your files on their S3 infrastructure and charge you merely a few cents. It really is that inexpensive and easy. Try it today!

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