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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2008.06

Bucket Explorer Version 2008.06 comes with a lot of enhancements. Here are some of the enhanced features which will improve Amazon S3 experience for all its users. Click here to download Bucket Explorer.

Support for “copy”, “rename” & “move”

This version of Bucket Explorer provides a UI for Amazon’s new API for “copy”. Using the copy API, we have added support for copy , rename & move  operations. All copy, rename and move operations are now performed directly in Amazon’s server.

Queuing and enhanced visualization of uploads, downloads, Copy, Move, Rename & delete

Bucket Explorer's Download , Upload , Copy , Move , Rename and Delete  operations now utilize queues. We have added a lot of visual progress indicators to help in estimating the current state of S3 operations and to estimate the remaining time. These queues will also help in identifying failed operations and provides an easy UI to restart those operations.

Compare local files & folder with S3 files & virtual folders.

Keeping local data in sync with S3 becomes easier with the new version of Bucket Explorer. Now you can compare the files & folders between local disk & S3 to identify the differences before you upload or download the files.

Enhanced Proxy Support

We have improved the proxy support in this version to include support for NTLM authentication.

Prompt user to change his/her AWS secret key.

Bucket Explorer now reminds user after every 30 days to change his/her AWS secret key. This reminder helps user in tracing out the detailed information of his/her S3 account and also helps in changing it. This is useful for security purposes.

Command line version of Bucket Explorer-Bucket Commander

We have added the first release of Bucket Commander  in this version. Currently, Bucket Commander supports Download, Upload, & Copy operations. Commander configuration file can be set via Bucket Explorer UI. We consider this version as a “technical preview” which does not have all the capabilities yet. It will work on Windows, Mac & Linux and can be scheduled via “Task Scheduler” or “cron” to schedule automated backups .

Run multiple instances

The “New window” option allows you to start multiple window instances of Bucket Explorer . You can use them to work with different S3 accounts or use the second instance to work on a different Bucket if the first one is running a long time consuming task.

Fast Listing

Bucket Explorer's listing process is done in two steps. First is listing the files and second one is to get their ACLs from Amazon-S3. This two steps process supports rapid listing of files in bucket. It also allows user to stop fetching of ACLs just by clicking STOP button. This is useful for users who have ample amount of files in their buckets and want to fasten listing process.

Audit reports

A user can access all reports regarding changes that have taken place on his/her Bucket(s) in Simple DB using Bucket Explorer. This report shows Bucket name, action, time taken in action, who did the action, location where the action was performed. It enables user to keep track of all the information about all activities performed on his/her bucket which will be seen in the audit report window. This feature is released in this version as “beta”. This means we may change the format of the data stored in Simple DB in the next release. This is an optional feature and you would need a Simple DB account to enable Audit Reports.

Password Protected AWS Credential

Bucket Explorer now protects AWS credentials using a password when AWS credentials are being stored locally for future use. Bucket Explorer also reminds you to change your secret key after every 30 days .

Bucket Defaults

You can now set “defaults” for additional metadata and “ default ACL ” for a bucket. Bucket Explorer will add the additional metadata and default ACL on every “new” object that is uploaded in that bucket using Bucket Explorer.

Some more changes

  • Enhanced Look & Feel with new icons.
  • Added Properties option on right click menu of bucket.
  • Added support to set the page size to more than 1000 in preferences.
  • Added "Remove Shared bucket(S) option from configuration in " Share Bucket " option of tool menu.
  • Edit Credentials option in quick connect menu.
  • Added two button "Make Public" & "Make Private" in ACL. This should make it easier to change ACL permissions .
  • Added row numbers in bucket & object table.
  • Fast listing for Buckets by first listing the Buckets and then getting the ACLs from S3 for those Buckets.
  • Bucket Logging and Remove logging are grouped in Bucket Logging option.
  • Windows size & location is remembered for the next run.

Release History

  • Updated Windows installer to rename license file from previous release to allow installing new license file. This only affects users who are upgrading from a previous version.
  • Fixed Queue processing for Power PC users.

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