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Advance Preferences - General, Proxy and Queue Settings

Bucket Explorer provides you with a feature to customize the configuration properties. This will lead to run and appear Bucket Explorer according to you. You can customize the configuration properties via User Interface of Bucket Explorer and change the tag values of configuration properties manually in BucketExplorer.xml.

Bucket Explorer lets you set three different types of settings

  • General Settings -

    This allows you to set pagination, show ACL, multipart size, ignore extension, and set the number of days to save history and set thumbnail size.

  • Proxy Settings -

    In this you can set proxy settings to run bucket behind proxy..

  • Queue Settings -

    Set queue settings like parallel thread, speed, queue retry limit, copy to temp settings, and quick comparer settings.

General Settings -

  1. Pagination-

    It shows the number of files which can be displayed at the time of listing. By default, we have set it to 1000.
    You can change the Page Size setting by -

    • Go to Tools ->Advance Preferences Menu option.
    • From General Setting tab, change the value of Page Size as desired and click on ‘ Save’ button to save settings.
    • Now, whenever you list object of any bucket, you will find list of objects according to the page size which has been set.
    • If there are more objects than the page size, you will find Next button at top right corner of the object table window.
    • By clicking on Next button, you can see the list of next objects.
  1. Show ACL-

    Itshows Access Control Permissions of Buckets and Objects at the time of listing. If it is not showing ACL in listing,then this will lead to fast listing of Buckets and objects .Since it stops fetching of ACL's, it is useful for all those who have large amount of files in their Buckets and want to make the listing process faster. By default, we have set it to 'checked'.
    You can change the Show ACL setting by-

    • Go to Tools -> Advance Preferences menu option.
    • From General Setting tab, uncheck the value of Show ACL check box and click on 'Save' .
    • Now ACLs of bucket and objects will not be shown at the time of bucket/object listing.
  1. Multipart Size -

    This option allows you to configure the part size to be set for multi part upload, download, copy and move. The size you set for a part divides the entire object into equal parts. Let's say if you have set size of 50 MB for a part and your object is of size 2.5 GB (2560 MB), then there will be 52 parts, all parts except the last one will be of size 50 MB, and last part will be of size 10 MB.

    • Here you will find Multipart Part Size option in General Setting tab.
    • In this text box, set the size of a part of uploading object.
    • The default size for multipart upload is 32 MB.
    • For best performance, it is recommended that the size of a part lies between 5 MB and 100 MB.
  1. Ignore Extensions-

    This feature helps you to skip upload/download process for the files which have particular file extension. To set the extension to be ignored from upload/download, follow these -

    • Enter the extensions which you want to ignore for upload and download operations by separating with comma. For example: jpg, png, txt,htm.
    • Click on Save button to save the settings.
  1. Number of days to keep Queue history-

    Bucket Explorer provides a feature to keep the queue history for a maximum of 7 days (By Default). If the queue has been processed for 7 days before the current date, it will be removed from BE queue folder.

    If you want to change its default value using User interface,then follow these steps-

    • Run Bucket Explorer.
    • Tools->Advance Preferences . Choose General Setting tab.
    • Set value in "Number of days to keep queue history" combo box.
  1. Show thumbnail size-

    This option lets you set the size of thumbnail to be shown while generating web URL for images. The default size is 100 KB.
    Follow the steps to set thumbnail size -

    • Go to Show Thumbnail Size section.
    • Set desired size in KB.
    • Save the settings.

Proxy Settings

This option allows you to set proxy to work behind proxy -

  • This will open new window for proxy settings.
  • Check the Use a Proxy Server .
  • Provide these proxy settings- Address, Port, User Name, Password and Domain .
  • Click on Save button .

Queue Settings -

  1. Parallel Thread -

    This feature controls the parallel uploading of objects and their size in queue.
    Using User interface, follow these steps -

    • Change the value of Allowed Maximum Size to desired value. Default size is 100 MB
    • Set the number for thread run parallel in queue. Default number is 50.
    • Click on Save Button.
  2. Maximum speed -

    This is the maximum speed for per thread at which data to be uploaded at Amazon S3 in KB/s.

    • Check the checkbox of M ax speed in KB/s and provide desired value.
    • Set the number for thread run parallel in queue. Default number is 50.
    • Click on Save Button.
  3. Queue Retry -

    Bucket Explorer automatically retries the failed processes in queue. By default, Bucket Explorer retries 3 times and you can customize this retry limit using preferences panel option of Tools menu. This retry also works with Bucket Commander.
    Bucket Explorer allows you to change the number of automatic retries for queue by -

    • Choose the value of Retry Queue from combo box between 0 to 9 and click ‘ Save’
    • Bucket Explorer automatically retries the failed processes in queue according to the value chosen by you.
  4. Copy to Temp -

    Bucket Explorer copies the files into Bucket Explorer's temp folder before uploading them to S3, but it slows down the uploading process when files are too big because copying files from source to temp folder takes time. Bucket Explorer supports a feature to skip it for fast uploading. By default, Bucket Explorer skips this process but if you want to save uploaded files to Bucket Explorer temp, then you can change its value to Yes at Advance Preferences.

    If a frequently changing file is being uploaded,you can avoid failure in the uploading process due to Etag mismatch,by copying that file in Bucket Explorer temp folder and then upload it to the selected bucket. You can customize this limit by changingits value.

    • Set Copy to Temp Before Upload combo box value to Yes Or No .
    • Click on Save button .
  5. Quick Comparer Options -

    Bucket Explorer provides a new feature which is 'Quick Comparer' . This feature compares only Name and Size of local file with the existing S3 file instead of Name and Hash value of file. So it will take very less time for comparison during Upload , Download , Copy and other operations. This feature also allows you to choose Overwrite, Skip, Skip All and Overwrite All for the existing objects/ files. You can customize quick comparer option.
    To alter the value of Quick Comparer option, you can follow these steps -

    • Change the value for Queue option action as compare with and Set the check box “ Remember setting for each queue operation ” checked.
    • It will change the configuration properties for Quick Comparer option.
    • Refer to the following page to know more about Quick Comparer -
      How to use quick comparer?
    • You can also set the action to be performed for Archived Glacier objects.