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Amazon S3 Data Encryption

Amazon S3 provides you with options to secure your S3 Objects (Files) stored in your Amazon S3 Buckets . You can protect your data on Amazon S3 using Server Side Encryption (SSE) , Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) and by using S3 Bucket Versioning .

With Server-Side Encryption (SSE), you can protect sensitive data stored in Amazon S3 by encrypting data and uploading the encrypted data to Amazon S3 using Bucket Explorer.

Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) , on the other hand, provides you with a less durable, highly available storage option over a given year. This storage class provides 99.99% durability of objects.

With S3 Bucket Versioning , you can keep multiple versions of an object in the same bucket. This is very useful to prevent accidental deletion of objects or be overwritten by mistake. You can also enable versioning to archive objects. With that, you can retrieve previous versions of the objects.

How to perform Amazon S3 Server Side Encryption Operations?

You can perform Amazon S3 Server Side Encryption Operations in two ways:

  1. Amazon S3 Server Side Enryption Using S3 APIs

    You can perform Server-Side Encryption (SSE) operations by using Server Side Encryption supported APIs in your application code.

  2. Amazon S3 Server Side Enryption Using Bucket Explorer

    You can perform the same Server-Side Encryption (SSE) operations using Bucket Explorer without the hassle of writing code. You can perform this with a point and click user interface.


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