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Amazon S3 Common Prefixes

Common Prefixes are prefixes which ends with "/". Virtual folder in the selected Bucket is the list of "Common Prefixes". There is no folder concept at Amazon S3. Each file resides at root level of the Bucket. Most tools including Bucket Explorer provides an option to view the files in folder structure.

Thus, we save file like:

  • MyFolder1/SubFolder1/SubFolder11 /MyFile1.txt
  • MyFolder1/SubFolder1/ SubFolder22 /MyFile2.txt
  • MyFolder1/ SubFolder2/SubFolder11 /MyFile1.txt
  • MyFolder1/SubFolder2/ SubFolder22 /MyFile2.txt

You will see that there are 7 Common Prefixes (Virtual Folder). If you download MyFolder1 at Windows and see the property, you will find 7 folders and 4 files.

  1. MyFolder1/
  2. MyFolder1/SubFolder1/
  3. MyFolder1/SubFolder1/SubFolder11/
  4. MyFolder1/SubFolder1/SubFolder22/
  5. MyFolder1/SubFolder2/
  6. MyFolder1/SubFolder2/Subfolder11/
  7. MyFolder1/SubFolder2/SubFolder22/

While you are using Bucket Explorer, you do not need to worry about Common Prefixes as it provides you both as Full Path Object Listing and as Folder View. You can also use Bucket Explorer exclusive feature which makes us understand more the concept of Prefix and Delimiter without writing a single line of code.