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Amazon S3 Third Party Bucket

Any research concept or idea gains momentum only when it reaches the intended audience in an emphatic way. Any thought can not be worthwhile if it remains confined in the originator’s world. The real world must be told about it so that it can help masses and attain success.

We know that the Internet is the most powerful medium to circulate information around the globe. Information shared using the Internet reach the masses. No matter what kind of work you do, you can let the world know about your research or creation with the help of an amazing tool provided by Bucket Explorer’s Third Party Bucket facility. Scroll down to learn more about it.

So, what is Third Party Bucket?

"Third Party Bucket" is Amazon S3's functionality by which S3 users can share buckets and their contents with the intended people. This is achieved merely by setting the Access Permission in bucket’s ACL option.

The following are the steps:

  •  Set Access Permissions

    Before creating a "Third Party Bucket", you have to plan about access permissions. In other words, what outsiders can do with your bucket's object in your bucket.

    There can be two type of people with whom you would like to share a Bucket .

    1. Non Amazon Users

      Read Set this option if you wish to grant Read Only privilege to All Users. Users can also download the file.
      Read & Write Set this option if you wish to allow users to upload their objects along with Read permission.
      Downloading is also on by default.
      Read Write & Read ACP If you wish to let user know about ACL’s set to bucket and its object, set this option.
      User can only view all ACL status.
      Full permission Clearly stated by the title, set this permission to allow users to enjoy all rights on the bucket.
      Now user can also set permissions.
    2. Amazon S3 Users

      If user holds an  Amazon S3 account , simply add the email address of the intended user in bucket operation and set appropriate permissions. Your bucket will be added to the user’s account as Third Party Bucket. This bucket can be used by the user as per permissions set by you. At least Read permission must be given to the user.

  • Announcement of Third Party Bucket

    After all permissions have been set, you must announce the existence and contents of your Third Party Bucket. You can advertise through email, snail, mail, phone, sms, fax or any medium that suits you.

To make others use your Third Party Bucket, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Right click on the bucket which you want to mark as Third Party Bucket.
  2. In menu, choose Update Bucket's Access Control List option.
  3. Set permissions as mentioned above.
  4. Amazon S3 users can add your bucket in their GUI as a Third Party Bucket.