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Auto Content Disposition to Download an Amazon S3 Media File instead of Playing in Browser

Sometimes you wish that rather than playing media file shared in a URL, it should be downloaded at local drive first. You can do this by setting the Metadata (called content-disposition ) for the object (media file) so that its contents are not displayed on the browser. You can set content-disposition header using Bucket Explorer.

Bucket Explorer also provides customization to set Content-Disposition metadata. You can add desired extension in the tag named " <AttachContentDispositionForExtension> " in BucketExplorer.xml file. The saved extension inside this tag will get this extension automatically set when you upload them.

Steps to set content disposition property:
  1. Run Bucket Explorer and get authenticated with your saved credentials.
  2. Upload the media player file in your desired bucket.
  3. Update the ACL of this file as Read to All Users .
  4. Then update the Metadata by right clicking on the object and select “Update Metadata” option.
  5. Add the following things:
    • In Key → Content-Disposition
    • In Value → attachment; filename = {$$file_name_without_path_$$}
  6. After that, generate web URL by clicking on Web URL icon from object tool bar.
  7. Now URL for that media file is generated. Click on that web-URL . It will load in browser.
  8. It will ask to download and save media files on local drive.