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AWS Address Book to manage Friends Accounts for Easy Amazon S3 Object Sharing

Bucket Explorer provides a very easy way to manage your AWS friends list using the AWS Address Book. You can use this Address Book to manage email address and canonical id of registered AWS accounts. This will provide you with an easy selection of AWS users at the time of sharing your buckets. Instead of having to type all the details, you can just select your desired contacts.

How to manage aws account details to use for s3 object sharing

Steps to manage AWS account details to use for S3 object sharing:

  1. Start Bucket Explorer.
  2. Click on menu Tools >> Address Book to open Address Book.
  3. It will show you existing saved (if any) list of AWS account details like Email-Id and Canonical-Id.
  4. Here you can Add, Edit or Remove any account detail from the list.
  5. Click on Add button to add new account detail. It will open panel to Add new Account details.
  6. Fill desired details (Email-Id, Canonical Id, name) and Click on Add to add new Account details in Address Book.
  7. Similarly, you can Edit existing Account details or delete any account details.
  8. Click on OK to save the changes.

How to use Address Book account details for bucket Sharing:

User can use Address book Account details on ACL panel while sharing S3 object or bucket using Email-Id or Canonical-Id .

  1. Start Bucket Explorer and connect to your Amazon S3 account .
  2. Click on menu Tools >> Bucket Sharing >> Share my Bucket with a friend option.
  3. Bucket Explorer will show you a list of all buckets in "Share bucket with friends" window.
  4. Choose one bucket from the bucket list and click on OK button.
  5. Bucket's "Access Control Permissions window will appear.
  6. You can follow the steps 2-5 or directly select a bucket and click on ACL option available on Bucket tool bar.
  7. If you want to share a bucket with other S3 users with S3 registered email-id or Canonical-ID , then Click on "Add Access by Email-ID/Canonical ID" button in ACL window.
  8. Here you can browse for your friend's email Id/canonical id from saved Address Book or you can manually enter your friend's email-Id or canonical-Id with whom you want to share your bucket. Your entered/chosen email Id or canonical ID will be added at Bucket Explorer address book if it does not already exist.
  9. Give some permission and click on Update ACL button.
  10. You can see shared iconsfriend's amazon s3 bucket icon at the last column in bucket listing.
  11. You're done. Enjoy bucket sharing.