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Schedule Amazon S3 Backup

Bucket Commander is a command line tool for Amazon S3 where in the case of Bucket Explorer, you do all operations manually; Bucket Commander helps you in Scheduling and Automation of upload/download/and copy features. Here, Automation, means that the scheduled operations will be carried on automatically as per configured in the schedule, so you can use Bucket Commander instead of Bucket Explorer when you want to schedule a big process.

Scheduling and Automation of Bucket Commander operations:

Bucket Commander

It provides the following features:

  1. It provides you the summary report for all the operations.
  2. Upload files & folders from local file system to Amazon S3 bucket .
  3. Download files and folders from Amazon S3 bucket to a local folder.
  4. Copy contents from one bucket to another directly on S3.
  5. Schedule using OS scheduler.

    In case of overwrite, if  " Versioning " is not enabled on the bucket, then old item is copied to Version folder of System bucket as name of the item, appended with current date and time which means all versions will be maintained. Otherwise, all versions of objects will be maintained by Amazon S3 itself and since Bucket Explorer now supports versioning, you can list all versions of objects.

    • Upload: You can upload files & folders to Amazon S3 in a specified bucket or folder. If uploading item already exists, then the existing document will be overwritten by the uploading item if you’ve set overwrite true in config file of Bucket Commander.
    • Download: You can download Amazon S3 bucket, files or folders to a local machine using Bucket Commander. It also supports overwrite same with upload option.
    • Copy: You can copy one Bucket directly on S3 using Bucket Commander. It supports overwrite just as upload option.
    • Set ACLs To Default: You can set default permissions to all objects of the Bucket. It does not update the ACL if the same ACL is already set on the object.
    • activate: You can activate the bucket commander once you have downloaded the trial license.
    • profile: You can create new authentication profile to connect with Amazon S3 account.
    • proxy: You can save proxy settings to connect with Internet via Proxy.
    • threadcount: You can save the number of threads to be run parallel.
    • multipartsize: You can save the multipart size(in MB) for multipart upload and download operations.
    • smtp-profile: You can create email profile to sending email report of Bucket Commander operations (Upload, Download, and Copy).

Bucket Commander needs a configuration file which can be created using Bucket Explorer's UI or manually.