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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2007.12

Bucket Logging for audit

Bucket logging helps user to keep track of all the activities and events performed in the Bucket such as upload/download/delete activities and provide an audit trial to track these operations. A user needs logging since all the activities in Bucket affect billing. It is used when a user creates bucket and imparts full permission to all Internet users / outsiders. He/She can keep track of the entire activities through logging. Analysis of the traffic on his/her bucket, and estimation of his/her data transfer will also be possible through logging. A user can control his/her billing on the basis of data transfer analysis.

Customized the bucket location as Europe or US

A user can create a Bucket in Europe or US using Bucket Explorer. Create Bucket option shows the user both locations where you can select any of those.

Bucket Sharing

Bucket Explorer allows user to share object(s) and Bucket(s) with an Amazon S3 registered user using Email ID or owner ID in ACL Preferences box. It adds a new row in ACL Preferences box for User Name and a the user can give desired permission for that E-mail ID. A user can also share and access Bucket with an un-registered user by providing ACL permissions like Read only, Write only etc.

"Hide/Unhide bucket" option

It allows user to hide the entire un-required buckets from the main bucket space holder and reduce the time to be taken to search the required bucket. A user can also unhide the entire hidden bucket whenever he/she needs it. It prevents gathering of unnecessary buckets and objects that may confuse the user wheneverhe/she selects his/her needed objects. Thus, user can retrieve his/her needed data more easily. It also secures data that can be altered by other users, if user uses this option for security purposes.

Upload files with custom headers

Bucket Explorer provides Upload with custom header in which a user has to specify Keys and value that will be displayed in Object properties . This information helps the receiver to understand the file details without opening it. In this Example: From:, here From is a key and is its value.

Upload files in HTML format for Web Hosting

Bucket Explorer allows user to upload files in Html format by right click option so that a user can Browse his/her file directly on the Browser through it's web URL .

Intimation for new Amazon S3 User

When a user runs Bucket Explorer the first time and there is no buckets in his/her account, it will prompt the user to create the first bucket on Amazon S3. Just after this prompt, a " create bucket " dialog box will appear. It is useful for a new user as a guide.

Generate public URLs for multiple objects

This option helps a user to generate URLs of selected S3 object(s) by showing a window that shows URLs for selected objects where you can select 'HTTP URL', 'HTTPS URL', 'Torrent URL', 'Signed URL'. User can set a particular Expiry date from the calendar and also set time in hours, second and minute for signed URL. Use Bucket Name as Virtual Host  is usedto select bucket name as a virtual host. The Copy  option copies the selected URLs and Copy All copies of all URLs.

Nick name option

Nick name option after Access Key and Secret key is used to store user's name with Access Key and Secret Key. Quick connect menu shows Name, and if you click on name, access key and secret key will be stored and authentication will be done.


In preferences option in tool menu, General Setting sets "Page Size" that enables you to show desired number of objects in listing at one time. It also automatically detect setting, checks option automatically and connects to the default machine by which your machine is connected. Using a proxy server check option connects you to proxy server by specifying your IP address and port number of the proxy server. Show ACL check box option in preferences allows user to show all ACL permission column in buckets and objects grid and un-checking Show ACL option makes ACL permission column hide from bucket and object listing.

  • Grouped and added some help topics like Sign up for S3 account and Amazon S3 Cost calculator in HELP menu.
  • Added prompt for confirmation to update all object's ACL while updating ACL of Bucket.
  • Added confirmation for deleting all object when deleting the Bucket.
  • Added a NEXT-XXX button to show object listing according to page size.
  • Added copy buttons in Web URL option for clipboard.
  • Create Bucket displays suggested bucket name while name already exists or invalid for Amazon S3.
  • Added an UP option in object listing to go back to your parent folder.
  • Trial version's or registered e-mail with license made display in UI.
  • Two options "Get Public URL" and "Get Public Signed URL" are grouped in " Generate Web URL ".
  • Separated Tool bar for the buckets and the objects grid.
  • Set Upload progress to preserve the old ACL when uploading existing file.
  • " Access Third Party Bucket " option has been changed to " Access shared bucket from a friend's account "
  • Access Key and Secret Key have been set clickable.
  • Updated Web URL option If bucket name contains uppercase letters and "-", then the URL will be Otherwise the URL will be .
  • Added option for Mime type manipulation so that a user can customize his/her file's specific mime type.
  • Checks the write permission where Bucket Explorer is located while it starts.

Hot fixed in this version:

  • Made a change in API to explicitly close connection after every upload. Not doing so caused some problems when Amazon made some changes in the API from Jan 10th to Jan 14th.
  • Fix for selecting multiple rows while pressing the control key.
  • If you download a sub folder from a bucket in a sub folder in local file system, the 2007.12.01 version was creating some blank folders which were extra folders. Fixed this bug to avoid any confusion with those blank folders.
  • If + sign is object name, then replace the URL with %2B.
  • Added more debug statements.

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