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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2008.11


Bucket Explorer Version 2008.11 comes with a lot of enhancements. Here are some of the enhanced features which will improve the Amazon S3 experience for all its users. Click here to download Bucket Explorer.


bucket explorer team edition- for synchronization of team work. Introducing Bucket Explorer Team Edition:

Bucket Explorer Team Edition is a powerful tool for Bucket Explorer users who want to share bucket(s)/ data with team members using a single or more S3 accounts. Team Edition can instantly provide a "shared bucket" for a team using the same AWS account without sharing the access keys with all team members. Administrator can give/ change/ withdraw different permissions to different team members. The team members can make use of all the permitted features of Bucket Explorer.


command line version of bucket explorer-bucket commander Introducing Bucket Commander:

Bucket Commander is a command line tool for Amazon S3 . You can configure Bucket Commander for upload, download and copy operations. It also supports command line scheduling of upload, download and bucket copy operations i.e. you can use it to take backup of one bucket's files to another bucket on schedule.


System bucket to retrive versions of deleted or overwritten amazon s3 objects. Version and Trash:

Bucket Explorer’s new version provides a new feature of versioning and trash bin to avoid loss of data due to accidental delete. There are two system buckets in Bucket Explorer named as us.bucketexplorer.md5 (Access Key) and eu.bucketexplorer.md5 (Access Key). These system buckets contain version and trash folder. Whenever you upload or copy existing files on S3, the older version of those files are moved automatically in version folder, where you can also copy, move and delete objects. When you delete any file from S3 with Move to Trash ,  those objects automatically get moved to Trash folder . Trash works as a Recycle Bin.


Shared Buckets are accessible to all AWS registered users:

All AWS users can access shared Buckets of friends using Bucket Explorer Team Edition whether they’ve registered for Amazon S3 or not.


Copy to another S3 account:

You can copy object(s) from Source Bucket to Target Bucket of the same or different S3 account. If objects which are to be copied already exist and if contents are not the same, then it will be overwritten with new objects and older version of objects will be copied to version folder of System Bucket having object name appended with current date and time. You can copy the whole source Bucket to destination Bucket of the  same account by right clicking on the Bucket and selecting copy Bucket option.


Move to another S3 account:

This feature helps you to move objects from Source Bucket to Target Bucket of the same or of different S3 account. If objects which are to be moved, already exist then it will prompt to overwrite or skip, here if you select overwrite then the new object will replace the older one and older object will be copied to version folder of System Bucket having object name appended with current date and time. You can move the contents of the whole bucket to different Bucket of the same account by right clicking on the bucket and selecting Move Bucket option.


delete and quick delete amazon s3 bucket & objects Delete And Quick Delete:

We have improved the delete feature in Bucket Explorer with Quick Delete . It allows you to completely delete the Bucket/objects from S3 without saving any history in audit report and system bucket; it deletes objects in chunks. We have also added Move to trash and Permanently delete option on simple delete prompt. Using trash, you can keep a backup of deleted files and folders.


Automatic - Retry for Failed Queue:

Bucket Explorer automatically Retry the failed processes in queue. By default Bucket Explorer retries 3 times and you can customize this retry limit in preferences panel of Tools menu. This retry also works with Bucket Commander.


Fast upload:

Bucket Explorer copies the files being uploaded to Bucket Explorer’s temp folder before uploading them to S3, but it slows down the uploading process when files are too big, because copying files from source to temp folder takes time. Bucket Explorer supports a feature to skip it for fast uploading. By default, Bucket Explorer skips this process but if you want to save uploaded files to Bucket Explorer temp then you can change the tag value of CopyToTempBeforeUpload as true in BuckteExplorer.xml file.


Throttling of max parallel data in queue:

With this feature, you can upload files with a maximum size of 100 MB or run 5 threads at a time which total size could be a max of 100 MB. If the size of files being uploaded is more than 100 MB, then only one thread will run.
You can customize this limit by changing the tag value of RunningQueueDataFactor to 1000 in BuckteExplorer.xml file, by default this tag value is set to 100 MB.


Tips & Tricks:

Bucket Explorer provides tips and tricks for both beginners and old users to get information of Bucket Explorer's advanced features, which are not easy to understand.


save aws access identifies with or without password in bucket explorer Protect AWS Credentials without password :

This feature allows you to save your AWS credentials without password in local. When you use this option, your credentials are decrypted with machine name, thus you don’t need to give your password every time you login, decryption will be done automatically.


Some more changes

  • Team Edition
    1. Added Proxy Setting link at Start-Up panel of Team Edition.
    2. Save Team Edition credentials (Email and Token) in local.
    3. Check net connection before prompting for re-activation in team edition
  • Added Tool Tip in Queue Panel for showing full text for a particular cell.
  • Updated website links in Help menu .
  • Fixed spaces in custom header while uploading with custom header option.
  • Remove case sensitivity in Bucket Commander Parameters.
  • Check Corrupted files in startup.
  • Fixed browsing of local folders in Comparer window.
  • Update pending queue history on cancellation of queue operation .
  • Fixed Pending Queue history / Transfer Queue History details for Linux and Mac OSX.
  • Prompted to overwrite or skip, while object exist during copying operation to Destination Bucket.
  • Increase default log file size from 2 to 4 MB.
  • Changed current working directory for MAC OSX.
  • Fixed Upload operation through “ Ctrl+A ” option in Tree (local file system explorer).
  • Fixed the delete queue operation with “Move to trash” from pending queue history.
  • Improved support for Unicode characters in file names. We still don't guarantee support for all Unicode file names, but this release should cover most known cases from our test data.

Patch Changes

  • Bug fixed for standard HTTP headers while uploading new Amazon S3 header .
  • Resolved visibility of buttons on save AWS credentials panel for MAC OS.
  • Bucket Explorer version 2008.11 works with 2007.12 & 2007.08 Configuration.
  • Resolved a bug "Premature End Of File" on XML.
  • Resolved a bug of not showing case sensitive buckets at the time of Amazon S3 bucket copy/ move operations.

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