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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2009.04

Bucket Explorer Version 2009.04 comes with a lot of enhancements. Here are some of the new features and improvements which will make the Amazon S3 experience much better for all its users. Click here to download this new version of Bucket Explorer.

AWS Import/Export to Ship Large Amounts of Data:

New patch release of Bucket Explorer provides AWS Import/Export feature to ship your data to AWS on your storage device so that your data can be loaded into Amazon S3 with Amazon's high-speed network. You can send AWS as many storage devices as you want with any amount of data, anytime.

Amazon CloudFront:

New release of Bucket Explorer helps you in working with Amazon CloudFront. Amazon CloudFront is a web service for content delivery . It makes it easier to distribute content to end users quickly, with low latency and high data transfer speed. Amazon CloudFront delivers your content through a worldwide network of edge locations. End users are routed to the nearest edge location, so content is delivered with the best possible performance. Bucket Explorer helps the user take the benefits of Amazon CloudFront for content delivery.

Batch Operation : (Update Metadata & ACL in Bulk)

New version of Bucket Explorer is the ONLY Amazon S3 client which supports updating (Add, Edit and Delete) Meta Data on the objects in batch mode .
With this new version, you can also update the Access Control List (ACL) on the objects in batch mode . Bulk operation is performed in Queue. Progress & Statistics of the process can also be seen.

Quick Comparer for Fast Upload/Download :

An exciting feature ' Quick comparer' is added to Bucket Explorer. This feature compares only the  Name and Size of local file with existing S3 file instead of its Name and Hash . This feature avoids the hash calculation of local files during upload & download, which makes incremental backups much faster. This feature works with Bucket Commander also.

Enhancement in Bucket Explorer Team Edition UI :

Now with this version, Team Edition has been improved with a more user-friendly interface for easy handling of the product. It provides step-by-step guidance to its user.

Email Report with Bucket Commander :

New release of Bucket Explorer enables you to get confirmation on completion of Operations (upload, download, copy) via Email report .
Using this feature, you get the summary of operation you have performed using Bucket Commander like start and end time of operation, status of operation, source and destination, & details if in case any operation fails.

Set File Name in Amazon S3 Metadata :

This release of Bucket Explorer has a new feature for updating Amazon S3 Metadata of the file. Using this feature, you can set the file name in Metadata using " Upload with Custom Header ", " Bucket Default " and " Bulk Update Metadata ".

Optimum CPU Usages:

To ensure files are uploaded without corruption, Bucket Explorer calculates and sends a hash of every file to Amazon S3. In hash calculation, the process has more CPU usage depending on the file size. To minimize the CPU usage, Bucket Explorer uses a configurable property ( use-less-cpu-more-time-when-calculating-hash ). This property enables the wait during hash calculation. 

Patch Release Changes:

Version 2009.04.05.01 :
  • Fixed bug for setting Mime Types via Bucket Commander.
  • Fixed the Signed URL issue for Non English characters.
  • Fixed issue for special characters in headers.

Version 2009.04.04.01 :
  • Added AWS Import/Export.
  • Fixed Bug in writing error 404 in info log when copying and moving files to another bucket.
  • Added a prompt in using audit report option when there is no report that exists in Amazon SimpleDB.
  • Added a confirmation prompt while deleting logged bucket.
  • Added a prompt on clicking of distribution when user is not registered to Amazon CDN services.
  • Preserve distribution logging while updating CloudFront distribution .

Version 2009.04.03.01 :
  • Added support for the Logging feature that allows log files of activity in your CloudFront Distributions.

Version 2009.04.02.01 :
  • Resolved issue related to downloading files and folders from Amazon S3 to Local file system.
  • Resolved issue related to showing wrong counter on Statistics of Queue.
  • Resolved bugs related to showing properties of virtual folder.
  • Update UI layout of Statistics panel.
  • Fixed bug on queue processing with language other than English.

Some More Changes:

  • Added a prompt for confirmation when closing the Bucket Explorer application.
  • Added validation check for many operations such as Create Bucket, Update Metadata, and Custom Headers etc.
  • Showing distribution icons with distributed bucket.
  • Updated tool & help menu.
  • Added balloon tip confirmation for completion of update Metadata and ACL operation on single object.
  • Added Email in default ACL for newly uploaded data.
  • Cleans Queue history after a specified time, by default after 7 days.
  • Ability to select and copy text in the Object properties dialog.
  • Shows start time and end time of Queue in statistics panel.
  • Performance Improvement.
    1. Re-use opened HTTP connection.
    2. Minimized Amazon requests.
    3. Single object operations ( Update Metadata , Update ACL and Rename ) are not performed in queue.
    4. Processing multiple objects in a single request in Bulk Update ACL and Delete Objects.
  • Improved UI of Bucket Explorer and Bucket Explorer Team Edition.
  • Provided help on UI where it is required.
  • Provided “Next 50” button to show the next 50 records in Audit Report.
  • Checks valid JRE version for showing the Audit Report.
  • Use of standard HTTP headers in Metadata.
  • Checks existence of name before renaming object and creating virtual folder in Amazon.
  • Gives Proper message on net disconnect: "Bucket Explorer could not connect to Amazon S3. There may be a problem with your internet connection. Try again".
  • Enabled cancel queue button in Queue panel.
  • Allow system bucket deletion but system bucket is not optional in this version.
  • Prompt and install latest JRE if java not found on user's windows machine.
  • Added DEBUG in commander
  • Improved messaging on all operation.
  • Improved UI Visibility for all OS.
  • Logging the total Amazon Requests for per session.
  • Added new options in properties file and updated the old configuration on startup.
  • Working with Bucket Explorer 2007 and 2008 configuration.
  • Prompted with confirmation if users are deleting bucket which have distribution enabled.
  • Remember Queue Options feature.
  • Improved Comparer UI with Bug fixes for comparing local files with S3 buckets
  • Improved Create Bucket form with Bucket name guidelines.
  • Prompted Default Expiry time after 24 hrs for Signed URL.
  • Removed case insensitivity in bucket name during Copy and Move Bucket Operation
  • Improved Queue for operation on every object. It is faster than the earlier version. Minimized the sleep time between 2 objects.
  • Improved Exception handling.
  • Use JetS3t latest version 0.7.0.
  • Use Typica latest version 1.4.1.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bugs related to duplicate virtual folder listing in bucket.
  • Fixing Bug in Comparing files and folders.
  • Resolved Bug “Premature End of file”.
  • Resolved Case insensitive Sorting in listing
  • Bug fixes in Pending Queue –Showing wrong pending status.
  • Removed Bug in Mime type List
  • Resolved Bug in Rename Queue, It is retrying automatically, earlier it was not.
  • Resolved Bug while cancelling queue.
  • Proper functionality for the Next button in Tips and Trick Panel if there is only 1 tip.
  • Resolved the Title Bar issue on MAC when jar is run directly.
  • Resolved issue related to configuring the same folder in different buckets using commander.
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