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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2009.10


Bucket Explorer Version 2009.10 comes with a lot of enhancements. Here are some of the new features and improvements which will make the Amazon S3 experience much better for all of users. Click  here to download this new version of Bucket Explorer.

advance comparer panel for amazon s3 Advanced Comparer Panel:

With the need of fast and accurate document comparison becoming more and more vital, we have now enhanced this version of Bucket Explorer as a Simple and easy User Interface of comparer. You can do a wide range of Comparison as follows:

1. Compare data (files/folder) of Local file system with Bucket/Objects stored in Amazon S3.
2. Compare data of Local file system.
3. Compare data within the same Amazon S3 account.
4.Compare data in one Amazon S3 account with data in another S3 account.


multiple instances of amazon s3 command line tool Run Multiple Instances of Bucket Commander :

With the help of Bucket Explorer, you can create multiple Commander Configuration XML files using 'Edit Commander Config File' option or manually. After this, you can process the Commander Configuration files in different instances of command prompt by providing a valid path of the configuration files while running Bucket Commander.


Commander Separate Licensing:

Bucket Explorer is providing a separate license for running Bucket Explorer GUI and Bucket Commander. If you want to use the features provided in Bucket Explorer GUI, then you can use the license provided for Bucket Explorer or if you want to run Bucket Commander, then you can use license provided for Bucket Commander.


set default amazon acl through commander Set ACL to Default in Commander:

The new version of Bucket Commander now allows its users to set the default ACL permission on all objects of a specified bucket using 'setaclstodefault' action in Bucket Commander.


search on amazon s3 object Advanced Search Option:

Bucket Explorer provides a new feature for searching objects of a bucket having a long list of objects. This is an advance search option provided in object table. With this feature, by providing only a few keywords, (prefix or delimiter or both) you can search for specific object(s) in long object listing. These keywords make your search more specific and provide accurate resultant data.


transfer panel for amazon s3 copy, move operations New Transfer Panel:

The new Transfer Panel of Bucket Explorer comes with a modified copy/move feature which can be used to copy or move files from one S3 account to another S3 account. So now there is no need to open new instance of Bucket Explorer to copy/move files to different S3 account. User can perform all the operations such as upload/download/delete, setting ACL, bucket logging, etc related to bucket and its object using this transfer panel.


export amazon s3 object detail to csv Export to CSV:

Bucket Explorer allows you to export the whole bucket or selected object details from the bucket to your local system in CSV format. This feature includes object details such as "Size of File, Last Modified Date of file, ETAG of file and Name of file" to export. This feature also allows you to distinguish all exported fields by enclosing them with your desired character or selecting the character for field termination.


amazon cloudfront distribution logging Amazon CloudFront Distribution Logging:

Amazon CloudFront is a web service for content delivery. It makes it easier to distribute content to end users quickly, with low latency and high data transfer speed. Now Bucket Explorer enhanced this feature by providing CloudFront logging. This is the process in which the operations that are being performed in the distributed content will be logged by Amazon, and logs will be saved in the distributed bucket where you have set logging.


set amazon s3 acl grants Grant ACL in Bucket Logging:

Bucket Logging is the process in which the operations that are performed in bucket will be logged by Amazon. You can choose your target bucket, where logs will be delivered. Bucket Explorer allows sharing log files of bucket operation with your friend through email address. You can share your logs with more than one authenticated users by adding their email addresses. Here we can give distinct permission like Read, Write, and Full Control on shared log files. "Set Grantee" option is used to share the bucket which is a target bucket for logging.


amazon s3 requester pays Amazon S3 Requester Pays Option:

The latest version of Bucket Explorer provides an option to the bucket owner to charge the person who is requesting operations on that bucket. All you have to do is to select the desired bucket and set "Requester pays" for this bucket. Now the person who performs operation on this bucket will be charged and not the owner of the bucket.


Checking Disk Size Before Downloading Big Files:

Bucket Explorer will now check the free space in local system before downloading a file. This file size is configurable by its user. There is a tag in Bucket Explorer configuration XML named as "SkipDiskSizeBeforeDownload" .The default value for this tag is 10 MB and it can be configured. Disk space is checked for those files that have more size than the configured value. So Bucket Explorer will check the available space in the local system where you want to download the file. If there is not enough free space available at local system, Bucket Explorer will not download the file.


Generate Team Edition Package

Team Edition Installation Package:

Team Edition of Bucket Explorer is provided with Generate Team Edition Package feature. This allows an Admin to generate team edition packages. It creates package according to the Operating System where admin is running Bucket Explorer Team Edition. Now Admin can create a Team Edition package for his users at any desired location. Using this package, a user can run Bucket Explorer Team Edition.


Patch Release Changes:

Version 2009.10.05.03, Jan 15th 2010 :
  • Fixed issue related to setting Bucket Default while Uploading file(s) on S3 Bucket.
  • Fixed bug while downloading object(s) which are uploaded through other S3 Tool (S3Ruby, Cockpit).
  • Fixed bug related to move operation in Comparer Panel.
  • Fixed bug related to single file operation.
  • Fixed issue regarding Access Denied problem in Bucket Explorer start up.
Version 2009.10.04.01, Dec 15th 2009 :
  • Support "Amazon CloudFront Streaming Distribution" .
Version 2009.10.03.01, Dec 3rd 2009 :
  • Support "US-West (Northern California)" , Amazon's new region for buckets.
  • Added an option to ignore root folder for upload/download operation in Bucket Commander.
  • Provides "Advance Preferences" to be able use all available bandwidth for Amazon S3 uploads.
  • Fixed bug related to 'show error dialogue' for Bucket Explorer error log.
  • Has option to create folder in local file system while performing download operation using Bucket Commander, if the folder is not already there.
  • Fixed issue related to white space in Bucket Explorer configuration file.
  • Provides easy navigation for log folder through improved UI.
Version 2009.10.02.01, Nov 11th 2009 :
  • Supports "Manage Private Content" for Amazon CloudFront Distribution .
  • Fixed the issue related to parsing the Xml Configuration on MAC due to crimson API.
  • Fixed the issue related to deleting a bucket. Now any other bucket will not be removed from the bucket list while deleting the desired bucket.
  • Bucket Explorer UI will not be opened when Bucket Commander is run without parameter.
  • Created sample configuration tags in configuration file for authentication and email profile.
  • Fixed the issue regarding reading HTTP response from server while refreshing Team Edtion.
  • Fixed the issue related to refreshing Team Edition after 15 minutes. Now Team Edition UI will be refreshed only if permissions are changed.
  • Prompt an error message to user when he/she is not able to download the license.
  • Send statistics report to our server whether client is able to download the license or not.

Some More Changes:

  • Commander Error Reporting.
  • Single Upload/Download/Copy/Move with No queue .
  • Identify identical files while adding in queue for upload, download and update ACL.
  • Last Modified Date in Metadata for Upload.
  • Share Bucket by Canonical Id at ACL.
  • Has option to copy Distribution server name.
  • Create system Bucket name using canonical Id.
  • Provide Advance Preferences setting to customize bandwidth for upload.

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