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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2010.02

Bucket Explorer Version 2010.02 is introducing a new feature of Amazon S3 Versioning support which makes the Amazon S3 experience much better for all users. Click here to download this new version of Bucket Explorer.

Enable Disable S3 Versioning Amazon S3 Versioning:

Bucket Explorer allows its users to use Amazon S3 versioning feature. When we upload, copy, move or delete an existing object on S3 Bucket, the object is overwritten or deleted. When the object is overwritten or deleted, then the older copy of the object(s) is preserved in Amazon S3.

By enabling Versioning on your Amazon S3 bucket, Amazon starts preserving versions of overwritten and deleted S3 object(s).There is no limit to the number of versions that you can store in Amazon S3 and also there is no limit for how long you can store these versions.

You can enable versioning through  Advance -> Versioning -> Set option in bucket toolbar of Bucket Explorer. This will set Amazon S3 versioning enable on your bucket.

By enabling Versioning on Amazon S3 Bucket using Bucket Explorer you can:

  1. List all versions of objects in a bucket.
  2. List all version of particular object (file and all folder objects).
  3. Update ACL on all version objects.
  4. List all deleted S3 objects in your bucket.
List Versions of S3 Objects


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