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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2010.12

Bucket Explorer announces its new version as Bucket Explorer 2010.12 with enhanced Team Edition. It comes with ultimate features and improvements which will make the Amazon S3 experience much better for all its users. Click here to download this new version of Bucket Explorer.

create bucket in tokyo region Bucket in Tokyo Region :

Bucket Explorer now supports creating bucket for one more location and that is Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region. Bucket Explorer supports all features on the new location same with the other old locations like US, Europe, North California and Singapore.

Advanced Generate Web Url Advanced Generate Web URL:

Now Bucket Explorer provides advanced Web URL Panel where you can generate different combinations of URLs like Amazon S3, CloudFront, S3 Website, CloudFront CName with its Default, Virtual Host, Torrent and Signed URL for Http and HTTPs protocol. Bucket Explorer provides thumbnail option to show image files. It also provides copy to clipboard feature in a more user friendly format so you can share your generated URL with your friends easily.

S3 Website S3 Website:

This allows you to set S3 Bucket as Website using S3 Website option. S3 Website allows you to define index as well as error 4XX page. So now you can easily treat your S3 Bucket as Website using Bucket Explorer.

bucket explorer team edition 2.0 Bucket Explorer Team Edition:

Bucket Explorer Team Edition offers a more convenient way for Bucket Explorer users who want to share their data and media like images, or videos contained in buckets in their Amazon S3 accounts  with team members. Administrator can give and withdraw different permissions to different team members. Team members can make use of all the permitted features of Bucket Explorer.

The new set of features overcomes all the limitations of Bucket Explorer Team Edition. It takes less than 5 minutes to configure Bucket Explorer Team Edition. With enhanced controls and convenience, it changes the sharing pleasure altogether. Features like one step authentication, single license, permission management with UI reflection, and unique identity of each user makes this edition much better over the last one.

multipart upload Multipart Upload:

This allows you to upload a single object as a set of parts. In upload process, each part is a portion of the object's data, and each part can be uploaded independently. Multipart Upload offers many benefits than simple upload, especially when object size is very large.

distribution for custom origin Distribution for Custom Origin:

Now Bucket Explorer supports creating Amazon CloudFront Distribution for Non Amazon S3 Origin. You can customize the origin information to associate with the distribution. So you can create a distribution for S3 Origin as well as CustomOrigin (Non Amazon S3 Origin).

Some More Changes:

  • Upgrade to Java 6.
  • Migration of Database from Sqlite to Java DB.
  • Easy Interface for Bucket Explorer Team Edition.
  • No separate License required for Bucket Explorer Team Edition.
  • Merging of Team Edition with Bucket Explorer.
  • One step authentication process for using Bucket Explorer team Edition.
  • Bug fixing on downloading cloud berry online backup.

Patch Release Changes:

Version 2010.12.05.04:

Bug fixes on CloudFront Invalidation related to encoding reserve character.

Version 2010.12.05.03:

  • Supports new S3 bucket region endpoint for Tokyo.
  • Advanced Generate Web URL Panel.
  • Set Content Disposition for Zip and ISO file extension.
  • Provide URL link on S3 Website Panel
  • Resolved Bug for File in used
  • Resolved Bug for Uploading a file having a single quote in the file name.
  • Set custom header with Multipart Upload
  • Some Nullpointer exceptions

Version 2010.12.04.02

  • Supports S3 Website.
  • Bug fixes for Lost Ownership and Null pointer exceptions
  • Logging improvements


Version 2010.12.03.02:

  • Supports CloudFront Invalidation for Custom Origin.
  • Bug fixes for multipart upload for files with size in GB.
  • Showing Parts no. before filename is being uploaded as multipart on Queue Windows for all tabs i.e. Queue, Success, Identical and Failed tabs.
  • Showing proper statistics for multipart upload file in queue.
  • Bug fixes on CloudFront invalidation for objects with space in name. Used URLEncoder to encode them properly.
  • Prominent button 'Click to continue" on Team Edition Startup Panel.
  • Opening Team Edition home page URL from Licensing Window.
  • Resolved some Null pointer exceptions and database insert  exception.

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