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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2011.07

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Bucket Explorer version 2011.07 offers you multipart download, creation of system bucket based on your requirement, multipart upload for more than 5 GB file size and more enhancements. Click here to download Bucket Explorer 2011.07 version.

Resume Upload Resume Upload :

We have introduced a new feature i.e "Resume Upload" in this version of Bucket Explorer. This allows a user to resume his last interrupted upload. This functionality enables you to start from where it was interrupted instead of starting with fresh upload. The upload process resumes where it was last interrupted. When you restart Bucket Explorer, it prompts you to start resume upload.

Multipart Upload greater than 5 GB file Multipart Upload of more than 5 GB file size:

Another attractive feature of Bucket Explorer is uploading objects of more than 5 GB in size. It is different from the normal 5 GB upload since Bucket Explorer does not get normal ETag for greater than 5 GB file size similar to simple S3 file case. But the reliability is increased as Bucket Explorer adds validation for part before uploading on local file because it may change till last merging operation is performed.

Create System Bucket on Requirement Create System Bucket based on Requirement:

The most awaited functionality is now introduced by the latest version of Bucket Explorer to Create System Bucket based on Requirement. Now it's more economical as it saves your cost to retain two buckets in your account when your operation doesn't require system bucket. These buckets are created only when you use Move to Trash, Overwrite objects, Upload file of less than 5 GB in multipart and Copy to another S3 account.

Multipart Download Multipart Download:

This time Bucket Explorer is coming with an additional feature of multipart download along with multipart upload.  Creating parts size is now configurable. It downloads the object in parts according to the size of the object that exists in bucket and configurable part size.

Trash Folder Size  Trash Folder Size:

Now Bucket Explorer allows you to directly check the size of your data in trash folder which exists in your system bucket. Trash details display the size of Trash folder, number of files and folders that exist in System Bucket for US as well as for EU region end points. By this information, a user can reduce the amount of data inside the trash folder of system bucket.

Drill Down Object Listing Drill Down Object Listing:

You will notice that the listing of objects in Bucket Explorer is faster than in the last versions. The earlier version of Bucket Explorer used to fetch listing of objects each time from Amazon S3, but now we are saving the state of last visited objects. It benefits you in case you have listed thousands of objects and enters inside a folder which is in the middle of the list and now  you want the list of root level back, the listing of root folder will show you the same list of objects where you were before entering the folder.

Auto Content-Disposition Metadata Auto Content-Disposition Metadata :

Bucket Explorer now provides customization to set Content-Disposition metadata. You can add desired extension in tag named <attachcontentdispositionforextension> in BucketExplorer.xml file. The saved extension inside this tag will get this extension automatically set when you upload them.

Some More Changes:

  • It will always process uploading file of greater than 50 MB in size in queue irrespective of the size of the part of file.
  • You can use Simple Notification Service of Amazon in AP-NorthEast-1 (Tokyo) region end point.
  • Resolved error for the Update ACL for version objects when 'Delete-Markers' are also selected.
  • Improved the visualization of multipart process over queue panel.
  • Prompt for system bucket when running Bucket Explorer the first time.
  • Fixing bug for production errors.
  • Improved logging in multipart operation.


Patch Release Changes:

Version 2011.07.03.03 :

  • Fixing bug of CloudFront when showing panel of web URL if user is login with different AWS account in multiple panels.
  • Fixed issue with RRS batch upload.
  • Correct message prompt to user, if selected streaming distribution for invalidation.
  • Fixed ACL update issue with copy/move between two different accounts when object already exist at destination.
  • Fixes issue for showing details in Transfer Queue History of selected queue.
  • Correct message prompt on parent window.
  • UI improvement on left side that exists in tree view path for native file system.
  • Team Edition: Fixed issue for showing resume upload panel for multipart upload.
  • Team Edition: Permission Visibility improvement and message prompt to user.
  • Team Edition: Fixed issue for panel visibility of "Move to trash" in Team Edition on every login.
  • Team Edition: Handled Bucket Explorer Versioning if Team user does not have permission to have details about Bucket Versioning.