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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2011.12

Bucket Explorer announces its new version Bucket Explorer 2011.12.00.01, which comes with much improved performance and latest security patches

Quick Delete with Amazon S3 Multi-Object Delete

Quick Delete with Amazon S3 Multi-Object Delete - Now you can speed up your deletes with Bucket Explorer by deleting up to 1000 objects with a single request. You do not need to issue multiple delete requests to delete each object. 

This release also includes upgrade to latest versions of all libraries and open source software included in Bucket Explorer.

The enhancements introduced with this release will allow you to leverage the latest features of the open source software. Major libraries and open source software are Jets3t (Ver. 0.8.1), AWS JAVA SDK 1.2.9.
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Other Changes

  • Better exception handling for the move operation
  • Improved user experience with more specific UI messages
  • Low disk space prompt on the user interface

Patch Release Changes:

Version 2011.12.02.02

  • Support for new region endpoints - South America (Sao Paulo) and US West (Oregon) for Amazon S3 and SNS.
  • Improved result statistics for Quick Delete feature supporting Amazon S3   Multi-Object Delete API.
  • Enabled operations in Transfer Panel without saving credentials in local machine.
  • Enabled the addition of System Bucket to user account in Team Edition 2.0.
  • Set Default value for Throttle limit as 10 GB/Sec.
  • Improved UI for URL Panel.
  • Fixed multipart upload issue in Team Edition 2.0. 
  • Fixed paginated folder listing issue. 

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