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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2012.07

Bucket Explorer version 2012.07 have many new features and improvements in existing features like S3 Bucket Tagging, License asking for email address, HTTP Header, AWS Address Book, Request Statistics, Distribution Details Panel, Import Export using Wizard, New GUI of S3/Local Property Panel, and many more. Bucket Explorer now also supporting Forward Cookies and Price Classes for Amazon CloudFront Distribution.

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Amazon CloudFront Select Distribution Price Class - Include Cookies with Logging

CloudFront Price Class and Include Cookies with Logging:

Bucket Explorer supports CloudFront latest new feature   Price Class and Include Cookies in Logging . Price Class option help you to reduce your content delivery cost by CloudFront. There are three Price Classes - PriceClass_All, PriceClass_200 and PriceClass_100. PriceClass_All is default value and all your user to access your distribution bution data from all available locations, But if you want to control the access from costly locations then you can use rest of Price Classes as per your requirement. Now You can also add Cookies regarding fields in access log by enable the option Include Cookies from Distribution this general settings page.


CloudFront Distribution Cookies Support CloudFront Distribution Cookies Supports:

Bucket Explorer is also supporting  Forward Cookies    feature. Now you can forward All, WhiteList or None of Cookies to your Custom Origin Servers from CloudFront. You can select these feature option from Cache Behavior step of Create Distribution Wizard. If you select White List option then you have to prepare White Listed Name.

Amazon S3 Bucket Tagging

Amazon S3 Bucket Tagging:

Bucket Explorer have supported new feature introduced by Amazon S3  Bucket Tagging . Bucket Tagging is very helpful at the end of the month, to segement the usage as well as bill report according to the tag added on the buckets for S3 users.

Manage HTTP Headers Manage HTTP Headers:

Bucket Explorer let their user to manage and customize all types of Amazon S3 HTTP Headers . This makes easy for users to add or update or remove header on objects during setting metadata, upload objects with custom header and setting defaults.

AWS Address Book AWS Address Book :

Amazon S3 tool Bucket Explorer provide you an option to create your own Address Book to manage AWS account details. User can use these account details for object sharing or setting ACL permissions.

Request Statistics Request Statistics:

Bucket Explorer provides options to get total HTTP requests made by your AWS account in each session. Using Request Statistics you can keep track of number of requests (GET, PUT, DELETE, POST, HEAD) made by your account, along with user get to know the amount of data uploaded/download from Amazon S3. On the same panel you will find total calculate cost of request made for a session.

Some More Changes :

  • Provided a distribution details panel showing complete details of distribution at right side panel of general details, origin details and cache behavior details.
  • Introduced a wizard for creating, updating AWS Import Export job.
  • New look for properties of S3 bucket, S3 objects and local system file properties.
  • More interactive balloon tooltip.
  • Fixes of bugs reported by users.


Patch Release Changes :

Version 2012.07.04.04 :

  • Amazon CloudFront Cookies Support
  • Amazon CloudFront Price Classes
  • Amazon CloudFront Logging with Include Cookies.

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