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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2013.01

Bucket Explorer version 2013.01 have many new features introduced as multipart copy, multipart move, resume multipart copy move, website redirect, restore glacier, restore , CORS settings, support for new region end point Sydney and many more fixes.

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Amazon CloudFront Select Distribution Price Class - Include Cookies with Logging

CloudFront Price Class and Include Cookies with Logging:

Bucket Explorer supports CloudFront latest new feature   Price Class and Include Cookies in Logging . Price Class option help you to reduce your content delivery cost by CloudFront. There are three Price Classes - PriceClass_All, PriceClass_200 and PriceClass_100. PriceClass_All is default value and all your user to access your distribution bution data from all available locations, But if you want to control the access from costly locations then you can use rest of Price Classes as per your requirement. Now You can also add Cookies regarding fields in access log by enable the option Include Cookies from Distribution this general settings page.

CloudFront Distribution Cookies Support CloudFront Distribution Cookies Supports:

Bucket Explorer is also supporting  Forward Cookies    feature. Now you can forward All, WhiteList or None of Cookies to your Custom Origin Servers from CloudFront. You can select these feature option from Cache Behavior step of Create Distribution Wizard. If you select White List option then you have to prepare White Listed Name.

Archive Amazon S3 Objects to Amazon Glacier :

If you have a bucket in which you have some file that need to be accessed for the period of time and after that you do not require them. But you might need to have after a longer period of time, so that you need to keep backup of that file and changes the access permission of that accessible objects manually. Here Bucket Explorer provide you a way to archive objects to Amazon Glacier automatically after specific time. For archiving objects you have to define the set of rules on them. Using this feature you can set expiration (delete objects after a defined time) rule on objects also.

Restore Glacier Objects :

The objects which are archived from S3 to Glacier, they are listed in your S3 bucket but not available at real time. Before using these objects you have to Restore to the Amazon S3. It will be just a temporary copy for the limited period, and after it Amazon S3 will delete the temporary copy. You can perform any operation like Download, Copy, Move on these temporary restored objects.

Restore Glacier Objects Statistics :

Restore objects from Glacier to S3 take approximately 3-5 hours. Bucket Explorer provide you a way to see restoration status of the all the requested objects together at one window. It provide you more information like requested date, time to expire in days.

CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) :

Bucket Explorer providing you interface to manage CORS on your bucket. Its a new feature introduced by Amazon S3 to defines a way for client web applications that are loaded in one domain to interact with resources in a different domain.

Website Redirect :

If you are hosting a website and publish some content at a particular URL and later decide to move it elsewhere (at new URL). Amazon S3 intoroduced a way to tell S3 to ensure that requests for the old page is sent to the new one. This feature assure that existing references to the old URL will remain valid. Bucket Explorer extended its S3 website feature to add redirect location.

Multipart Copy-Move :

As Bucket Explorer providing its user features of multipart upload, download, similar it statred to support multipart copy-move operation. You can configure you part size to copy and move S3 objects to one S3 Bucket to another S3 Bucket. Performing copy-move in parts you can copy-move the parts parallel. It also facilitates user to resume multipart copy-move if any operation get failed similar to resume multipart upload.

Some More Changes :

  • Support all operations in Asia Pacific (Sydney).
  • Fixes for creating AWS Import job in Non US region.

Patch Release Changes:

Version 2013.01.03.03:

  • Support for using Bucket Explorer with IAM AWS credentials for given permissions.
  • Filter the object keys ended with  " _$folder$" (virtual folder)   from Invalidation list .

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