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Changes in Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 - 2013.12

Bucket Explorer version 2013.12 released as a imporved version for queue processing time. This version has enhanced queue processing speed for different queue operation. Its capable to perform s3 operations for 1 million objects. We also included some new action for commander which will help to save for different kinds of details. It includes actions  activate the product, partsize for mutipart upload operation, Parallel Thread Count for queue , Proxy Setting,  Create Pofile, Create SMPT Profile and Help . This version also included modification in file name for the version objects.  This version also fixed with some higher priority bugs.

Click  here  to download Bucket Explorer 2013.12 version.

Changes are as following -

  • Enhancement in queue processing time.
  • Save more HTTP Requests in queue operations.
  • Added more actions for Commander.
  • Correction in downloaded version filename.
  • Fixed high priority bugs.

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