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Bucket Explorer Amazon S3 All Versions

Change Description Version Release Date
Release Note
  • Enhancement in queue processing time.
  • Save more HTTP Requests in queue operations.
  • Added more actions for Commander.
  • Correction in downloaded version filename.
  • Fixed high priority bugs.
2013.12.01.01 Dec 31 st 2013
Release Note
  • Supports native 64 bit setup for Windows and MAC.
  • Customize support for new Region Endpoint
  • Fixed the issue of CORS Path Case Sensitivity .
  • Fixed for update metadata with special char folder name.
  • Fixes for Multipart Upload of exact 5GB file.
  • Fixed issue related to UNC Path access from remote server  and improve local file listing time.
  • Fixed BindingException issue.
  • Added Waiting Panel.
2013.10.01.01 Oct 14 th 2013
Release Note
  • Support for using Bucket Explorer with IAM AWS credentials for given permissions.
  • Filtered the object keys ended with  " _$folder$"  (virtual folder)   from Invalidation list .
2013.01.03.03 Feb 15 th 2013
Release Note
  • CloudFront Price Class and Include Cookies with Logging.
  • CloudFront Distribution Cookies Support.
  • Archive Amazon S3 Objects to Amazon Glacier.
  • Restore Glacier Objects.
  • Restore Glacier Objects Statistics.
  • CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) support.
  • Website Redirect support.
  • Multipart Copy-Move and Resume Multipart Copy-Move.
  • Support all operations in Asia Pacific (Sydney).
  • Fixes for creating AWS Import job in Non US region.
2013.01.01.01 Jan 17 th 2013
Release Note
  • Amazon CloudFront Cookies Support
  • Amazon CloudFront Price Classes
  • Amazon CloudFront Logging with Include Cookies.
2012.07.04.04 Sep 7 th 2012
Release Note
  • Amazon S3 Bucket Tagging.
  • Managing HTTP Headers.
  • AWS Address Book.
  • Request Statistics.
  • Distribution Details Panel.
  • AWS Import Export using Wizard.
  • New GUI of S3/Local Property Panel.
  • New look for Balloon ToolTip.
  • Bug Fixing reported by users.
  • Trial license asking for email address (Optional).
2012.07.03.03 Aug 24 th 2012
Release Note
  • Bug fix for sorting on object table at main panel
2012.03.03.04 May 30 th 2012
Release Note
  • Support for Amazon CloudFront's Dynamic Content
(Patch Release)
May 22 nd  2012
Release Note
  • Added option to configure the display size of Web URL panel thumbnails
  • Bug fixes related to March 2012 release
(Patch Release)
Apr 21 st 2012
Release Note
  • Support for Amazon CloudFront minimum TTL
  • Storage Calculator to calculate the size of each folder in the bucket
  • Support for Amazon S3's Server Side Encryption
  • Support for S3 Object Expiration
  • Enhanced Object Search options
  • Filter file types from upload / download
  • Bookmark remote path listing to quickly list frequently accessed buckets
  • Customization of Bucket / Object toolbars
  • GUI enhancements
2012.03.01.02 Mar 21 st 2012
Release Note
  • Support for two new region endpoints - South America (Sao Paulo) and US West (Oregon) for Amazon S3 and SNS
  • Improved result statistics for Quick Delete feature supporting Amazon S3 Multi-Object Delete API
  • Enabled operations on Transfer Panel without saving credentials on local machine
  • Enabled the addition of System Bucket to a user account in Team Edition 2.0
  • Set default value for Throttle limit as 10 GB/Sec
  • Improved UI for URL Panel
  • Fixed multipart upload issue in Team Edition 2.0
  • Fixed paginated folder listing issue
2011.12.02.02 Jan 07 th 2012
Release Note
  • Supports Multi-Object Delete API of S3 with Quick Delete feature.
  • Much improved performance and latest security patches with the upgrade to the latest versions of all libraries and open source software included in Bucket Explorer
  • The enhancements introduced with this release will allow you to leverage the latest features of the open source software including Jets3t, AWS JAVA SDK etc.
2011.12.00.01 Dec 07 th 2011
Release Note
  • Fixed bug to display correct information on Generate web urls panel, if the user logs in with different AWS accounts on multiple panels
  • Fixed bug for RRS batch upload issue
  • Fixed bug for ACL update issue with copy/move between two different accounts when object already exists at destination
  • Fixed bug for issue of showing details in Transfer Queue History of selected queue
  • Enhanced navigation on the left side tree view for native file system
  • Team Edition: Fixed bug to show resume upload panel for multipart upload
  • Team Edition: Enhanced UI to show user permission  and message prompting to user
  • Team Edition: Fixed bug to show "Move to trash" prompt in Team Edition on first time login only
  • Team Edition: Handles Bucket Explorer Versioning if Team user does not have permission to see Bucket’s S3 Versioning details
2011.07.03.03 Aug 30 th 2011
Release Note

New features and enhancements introduced with Bucket Explorer 2011.07 version:

  • Resume last interrupted upload
  • Multipart Download
  • Multipart Upload for files bigger than 5 GB size
  • Drill Down object listing
  • View Trash folder size
  • Create System Bucket on requirement
  • Auto Content-Disposition Metadata
  • Simple Notification Service in Tokyo region
  • Display queue while uploading multiple files or a single file bigger than 50 MB in size.
  • Improved visualization of multipart process in the queue panel
2011.07.00.01 July 20 th 2011
Release note
  • Fixed the CloudFront Invalidation issue related to encoding of reserved characters
(Patch Release)
Apr 21 st 2011
Release note
  • Support for new S3 bucket region endpoint for Tokyo
  •  Advanced Generate Web URL Panel
  • Set Content Disposition for Zip and Iso file extension
  • Provided URL link on S3 Website Panel
  • Resolved Bug for File in use
  • Resolved Bug for Upload file having a single quote in filename
  • Support for Copy/Move Version objects between different locations of buckets (Recently Resolved by Amazon)
  • Setting of custom header with Multipart Uploads of less than 5 GB
(Patch Release)
Apr 12 th 2011
Release note
  • Added support for S3 Website for the S3 Buckets
  • Fixed bug for lost ownership
  • Logging enhancements
(Patch Release)
Feb 17 th 2011
Release note
  • Added support for CloudFront Invalidation for Custom Origin
  • Fixed bug for multipart upload for files with GB in size
  • Added part no. before filename in Queue
  • Enhanced statistics for multipart upload file in queue
  • Bug fixes for CloudFront Invalidation for objects with space in name
  • UI Navigation enhancement
(Patch Release)
Jan 19 th 2011
Release note
  • Released Bucket Explorer Team Edition 2.0
  • Added Multipart Upload feature to upload big files in parts
  • Non-S3 Origin support for CloudFront Distribution
  • Upgraded to Java6
2010.12.03.01 Jan 8 th 2011
Release note
  • Added support for Amazon CloudFront Invalidation feature, which allows user to remove content from the cache at the edge locations
(Patch Release)
Sep 1 st 2010
Release note
  •  Added a feature to set a default object for distribution
  • Added a feature to set notification on bucket for RRS object lost
(Patch Release)
Aug 5 th 2010
Release note
  • Support for Amazon S3 Bucket Policy
(Patch Release)
July 6 th 2010
Release note
  • Support for AWS Import/ Export Web Service
  • Support for Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS)
  • Amazon CloudFront Streaming Distribution (Public/Private)
  • Streaming Distribution Logging
  • Amazon CloudFront Distribution with HTTPS
  • Amazon S3 Versioning option
  • MFA Delete
  • Drag and Drop
2010.06.01.02 June 29 th 2010
Release note
  • Added support for Streaming Distribution Logging
  • Added support for Reduced Redundancy Storage
  • Fixed the bug to show more than 1000 versions of a single file
2010.04.01.01 May 19 th 2010
Release note
  • Support for creating Bucket in ap-southeast-1 (Singapore) region
  • Separated Bucket Commander from Team Edition Package
  • Resolved the problem of duplicate metadata header while overwriting an existing file
  • Bug Fixes
2010.04.00.01 Apr 22 th 2010
Release note
  •  Enhanced Amazon S3 versioning features- download, MFA delete, Update ACL on all versions
  • Added support for private streaming distribution
  • AWS Export
2010.04.00.00 Mar 28 th 2010
Release note
  • Added support for Amazon S3 versioning
2010.02.00.02 Feb 9 th 2010
Release note
  • Fixed bug related to Set Bucket Default while Uploading file(s) on S3 Bucket
  • Fixed bug related to downloading object(s) uploaded through other S3 Tool (S3Ruby,Cockpit)
  • Fixed bug related to Move operation on Comparer Panel
  • Fixed Bug related to a single file operation
  • Fixed Access Denied problem on Bucket Explorer start up
2009.10.05.03 Jan 15 th 2010
Release note
  • Added support for "Amazon CloudFront Streaming Distribution".
2009.10.04.01 Dec 15 th 2009
Release note
  • Support for "US-West (Northern California)", Amazon's new region for buckets
  • Advance preferences to use all available bandwidth for Amazon S3 uploads
  • Ignore root folder for upload/download operations in Bucket Commander
  • Fixed bugs related to error log & white spacing in configuration file
  • Create folder if folder is not present in local file system
  • Easy navigation for log folder
2009.10.03.01 Dec 3 rd 2009
Release note
  • Added support for Amazon CloudFront Private  Distribution
  • Added Easy Commander Configuration
  • Fixed bug for issues related to Xml Configuration on MAC and Delete Bucket
2009.10.02.01 Nov 11 th 2009
Release note
  • Advanced Comparer Panel
  • Transfer Panel to copy / move files across different S3 accounts
  • Multiple instances for Bucket Commander
  • Separate licensing for Commander
2009.10 Oct 22 nd 2009

Release note
  • Fixed bug for issues related to Mime Type, Signed URL and Headers.
(Patch Release)
June 11 th 2009
  • Added support for AWS Import/ Export.
(Patch Release)
May 21 st 2009
  • Added support for CloudFront Distribution Logging

(Patch Release)

May 7 th 2009
  • Introduced a UI for Amazon CloudFront
  • Batch operations for updating ACL and Metadata, Quick comparer and many more.
(Patch Release)
Apr 16 th 2009
2009.04 Apr 7 th 2009
Release note
  • Launched Bucket Explorer Team Edition
  • Launched Bucket Commander
  • Implemented Versioning & Trashing and many more features
2008.11 Nov 4 th 2008
Release note
  • Implemented Queuing
  • Enhanced visualization of Uploads, Downloads, Copy, Move, Rename and Delete operations
2008.06 Jun 30 th 2008
Release note
  • Added new features of Bucket Logging for audit, Bucket Sharing and many more.
2007.12 Dec 15 th 2007
First Release
  • First release of Bucket Explorer
2007.08 Aug 14 th 2007

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