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Amazon S3 Bulk attachments: Problem / Solution

Usually, we all have email accounts on different email servers and more often, we send various files as email attachments in our daily routine. If the file we wish to transmit using email services is larger than the permitted attachment limits, we are left with no solution. Few email servers allow 10, 20 or 100 MB of attachments including or excluding message but that's not sufficient always. Another problem that we confront with is the type of attachment. Normally, files having executable files or batch command properties are proscribed. Security is also a major concern when we hesitate to send any confidential data over free email service. These and many such problems can be addressed and resolved by Bucket Explorer that gives us perfect solutions for such types of problem.

Case 1: Attachment downloads restrictions.

Problem: Sometimes, we want to share the textual content of executable ( .exe ) files, batch command files ( .bat ) and IE bookmarks ( .url ) files with friends or colleagues and if the recipient is limited with rights to download  such files on his/her machine, then many problems will arise at the end of the recipient.
Solution:  Bucket Explorer provides you with an easy way to upload files on Amazon S3 as HTML that can generate its public URL(s) . As the upload finishes, a link pertaining to the file can be given in an email. Following the link, the recipient can easily use or view the document on "as-is" basis.

Case 2: Avoiding large attachments due to size of data transfer limitations, Thanks to ISP!

Problem:  This kind of problem is faced by web developers who are representing their client's site (HTML static website) which is  is to get feedback about the website before making it available worldwide. Normally, they zip or compress the website folder and release it in one or two ways mentioned below.

  • Attached with an email : Doing so could be useless as sometimes, clients are too busy to download and unzip and test the site locally. Even if the client downloads and tests the site locally, real performance in real internet environment remains to be tested.
  • Uploaded on ftp : In such case, if client tests the site, website developers need to pay the ftp storage provider as per data transfer rates. And generally, such rates are much higher than what Amazon S3 offers. So economically too, Amazon S3 proves its worth.

Solution : Bucket Explorer provides an economic and genuine solution which is beneficial for both web developer as well as the client. Developer needs only Amazon S3 account where he can upload his website and pays only for what he uses. Web developer needs to upload the entire website on S3 and sets the READ Permission  to ALL USERS through Bucket Explorer. Now he generates the home page URL which can be shared  and analyzed by his clients.

Case 3: Outdated and Unwanted Attachments

Problem:  Sometimes we send frequently updated documents like prices quotations of oils and grains, gold-silver prices etc. Prices of such things vary according to time and market value. In such situation, we need to modify and resend the documents again and again.
Solution : Bucket Explorer gives you a couple of solutions for such cases. You just need to upload your price quotations on S3. Now give the link of the document to the client within an email or Messenger. Here, Bucket Explorer  allows you to generate your document URL in two ways. You can generate the " Signed URL " where you need to specify the URL validity. Subsequently, the URL will vanish automatically. Second method is by generating a simple public URL. In this case, you need to tell the client that prices mentioned in document can be changed as per market movement, so please consider the latest version of such document.

Case 4: Large attachment limitations

Problem:  All email service providers have some limitations related to attachment size. In such situation we can not upload heavy attachments like web server log files, audio video attachments etc.
Solution : Bucket Explorer allows you to upload any number of files ranging from 1byte to 5 GB on Amazon S3 that can be shared just by a single click. Here Public URL can be generated, which can be mentioned in an email or in messengers.

Case 5: Unnecessary Repetition of data transfer

Problem: Let's suppose you are uploading 10 files of about 10 MB and suddenly your power goes down or the internet gets disconnected and you were still in the middle of processing. In such case, you must repeat the entire process right from scratch and consequently you pay extra bucks. So in the end, it's a costly deal.
Solution : By using Bucket Explorer, you can optimize your data transfer and handle such type of situations more efficiently. If somehow, your document fails to upload in mid way, you can upload the remaining piece of data and not the entire data.

Case 6: Junk/Outdated attachments

Problem:  Some attachments are worthwhile only for a specific period of time. For example, product offer letter, greeting cards, calendar wallpapers etc. Suppose you have sent calendar wallpaper of December 2007 and naturally after December, this wallpaper will only add to the burden of your inbox.
Solution : Above problem can be easily solved by Bucket Explorer by generating a signed URL , which automatically clears itself after a specified date and time.

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