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Copy/Move Amazon S3 Objects Using the Multipart Upload API

Multipart Copy-Move:  Multipart Copy feature allows you to Copy a single object as a set of parts. In copy process, each part is a portion of the object's data, and each part can be copied independently. Multipart copy offers many benefits over simple copy, especially when object size is very large.

Multipart Copy allows user to:

  1. Restart Copy Objects: If a part fails to copy, then you only need to resend the data for that part only.
  2. Pause Copy Operation: You can pause a part which is being copied with multipart copy.
  3. Parallel Copy: Multipart copy provides benefits of copying object parts in parallel.
  4. You do not need to worry about the size of object. You can copy parts without knowing the size of the final object.
  5. Canceling Multipart copy will no longer be billed for any storage that was associated with the parts which have been stored.

Multipart Copy Using REST S3 API

You can perform Multipart Copy operations by using Amazon S3 supported REST API in your application code.
  1. Initiate Multipart Upload: First you have to initiate Multipart Upload. For this you have to send a POST request. Amazon S3 responds you with a unique Identifier as Upload ID.
  2. Upload Part – Copy: For Multipart Copy operation, you need to send a PUT request to upload a part in a multipart upload. The request specifies a byte range from an existing object as the source of this upload. The request includes the upload ID that you get in response to your Initiate Multipart Upload request.
  3. Complete Multipart Upload: After successfully uploading all relevant parts of an upload, you have to send a POST request to complete the Multipart upload operation. Upon receiving this request, Amazon S3 concatenates all the parts in ascending order by part number to create a final object. For this you must provide the parts list.

Multipart Copy Using Bucket Explorer

You can perform the same Multipart Copy-Move operations using Bucket Explorer user interface, with mouse clicks, without writing a single line of code.

Steps for Copy-Move object in parts using Bucket Explorer

  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. Connect to your AWS S3 Account using Bucket Explorer.
  3. Select the S3 Bucket from bucket table.
  4. List objects in object table.
  5. Select objects from object table.
  6. Right click and click on Copy/Move menu option.
  7. It will open Transfer Panel. You can Copy/Move directly from one account to another account quickly.
  8. You will find left side objects are listed same as main windows.
  9. Select AWS Profile from the right side.
  10. After listing all buckets successfully, double click the Bucket to list its objects.
  11. Select the Object having more than the configured part size of multipart Copy/Move operation.
  12. Click on Copy Button (Blue Arrow towards the right side) or Move button (Red Arrow towards the right side)
  13. It will start queue and you will find parts for the file which is greater than the configured part size.
  14. Until all parts are not copied/Moved successfully, last part will wait for merging. Finally, it will merge all parts and you will get your Copy/Move object at destination.
  15. At last, you will find Copy/Move statistics with Total files - Actual File Count.