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Cut the cost for Storage With Amazon S3

Bucket Explorer helps you in cutting your cost of storing and transferring data using Amazon S3. Read on to know how.

Using Bucket Explorer, a user has to pay less because it reduces the number of PUT or LIST requests which are 10 times costlier than other requests.

For example

  1. In ‘ update access control list ' of buckets or objects, if a user does not make any change in the permissions and clicks on the 'save' button, then without using Bucket Explorer it will be a PUT operation in S3 and the user will have to pay for it. But if you use Bucket Explorer, the PUT operation will not be performed in such case and hence, the user saves money.
  2. Existing Files in S3 with the same contents/Size as per selection: In case of uploading a file which already exists in a bucket and if the contents of the two files are the same, then using bucket explorer, PUT operation will not take place and again you save money.
  3. Set Bucket Default: This feature is used to set default setting on the new objects like “ ACL ” and “ Metadata ” while uploading. It saves the additional request for ACL/metadata update for new object if user wants to set the same ACL/metadata on uploaded objects as of the bucket. So Using Default Bucket option, user can save individual request for “ACL and Metadata” and he/she has to pay only for upload request.
    Note : For identical ACL, case request will not be sent.

These are some of the examples wherein using 'Bucket Explorer', you can cut the cost of storing and transferring your data with Amazon S3.

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