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Download Multiple Amazon S3 Objects in a Single Operation (Multipart Download)

If you are looking to download large Amazon S3 Objects  (Files), by splitting into multiple parts of smaller size, you can use Multipart Dowload feature of Bucket Explorer. Multiplart Download works similar to Multipart Upload feature and is an Exclusive feature of Bucket Explorer. This allows you to download a single Amazon S3 Object (File)  as a set of parts. In the download process, each part is a portion of the object's data, and each part can be downloaded independently and simultaneously. Multipart download provides you faster and concurrent download of S3 objects on your local system.

Amazon S3 supports a similar feature, using which, you can download specific chunks of S3 Objects, by specifying the Byte Range along with GET Object. If, however, you want to download large S3 Objects by splitting into multiple small size parts, Bucket Explorer's Multipart Download might be your best choice. In Bucket Explorer, you can specify the size of the parts, which could vary from 5 MB to 5 GB, and Bucket Explorer will split the Object into multiple parts of specified size. Default part size is 32 MB.

You can download Amazon S3 Objects in multiple parts by sending the GET Request with one of the following two options:

a) Download Amazon S3 Objects in Multiple Parts using Amazon S3 REST API- If you are a programmer, you can write your own code to use S3 REST API GET Object to download specified range bytes of an S3 Object.

b) Download Amazon S3 Objects in Multiple Parts using Bucket Explorer UI- If you are not a programmer and would like to use an interface to download Amazon S3 Objects in multiple parts, you can use Bucket Explorer.


You can perform Multipart download operations by using Amazon S3 supported REST API in your application code.
For this you must send a GET request with the byte-Range to be downloaded.


GET / ObjectName HTTP/1.1
Host: BucketName
Date: date
Authorization: signatureValue
Range:bytes= byte_range

Using Bucket Explorer

You can perform the same Multipart Download operations using Bucket Explorer without writing a single line of code.

Steps for downloading object in parts using Bucket Explorer:

  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. Connect to your AWS S3 Account using Bucket Explorer.
  3. Select the S3 Bucket from bucket table.
  4. List objects in object table.
  5. Select objects from object table which you want to download.
  6. Run download operation as usual from Bucket Explorer UI.
  7. The queue will show you multiple processes for the big files, for downloading multiple parts.
  8. Until all parts are downloaded successfully, last part will wait for merging. Finally, it will merge all parts and you will get your downloaded object on local system.
  9. In the end, you will see Download statistics with Total files - Actual File Count.
  10. If any parts fail, then you can retry to download those parts only.