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Amazon S3 - Fast object listing in Bucket Explorer

Now Bucket Explorer saves the state of recently visited objects. This feature will give fast data listing experience to its user and avoid listing from the beginning if pagination is set for listing and user explore any folder and come back to the same location. Earlier version of Bucket Explorer used to list the objects in Amazon S3 on every request, which made object listing slower. To overcome this, Bucket Explorer preserves the last visited state, so when listing requires for the same virtual part; it lists faster than earlier listing.

State save mechanism has these benefits to users:

  • Reduce the prices - Since number of requests for listing is reduced.
  • Reduces listing time - Listing of content is faster since the listing is retrieved from the saved state.
  • Avoid listing from the beginning if exploring any folder after listing 2-3 pages, in the case of pagination.
Fast listing with Bucket Explorer

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Bucket Explorer Drill Down:

  1. Login with your S3 credentials.
  2. Set Pagination in  Tools->Preferences.
  3. Select any Bucket which has more than the pagination size of data i.e. if pagination is 100, then list of objects including the folder should have 300 in count.
  4. First 100 objects lists and Next button gets enabled.
  5. Now click on Next Object Listing that again lists the next 100.
  6. Object table will now have a list of 200 files and folders and Next folder will enable again because listing is not finished.
  7. Double click on any folder to explore.
  8. It will list the objects of that folder.
  9. Now click on up button which will bring you to the same position, from where you explored the folder.
  10. Remember: When you come back by clicking on the up button, Bucket Explorer does not list starting from the beginning as it used to do earlier. By Drill Down, you will get the same second page listing (200 objects list) with next button enabled. So you do not have to traverse from the beginning to the second page again.
Fast Listing with Drill Down
  • Bucket Explorer saves the state of object, which is requested to list from Amazon S3 and shows them in the panel. Bucket Explorer retrieves these objects from local instead of getting the list from Amazon S3 for the same level if it is already listed.
  • If the user wants to list objects from Amazon S3, then click on Refresh button for  that level to get listed from S3; also means that objects recently added or deleted in that folder get listed from S3.
  • When you click on another bucket for listing, the saved state information vanishes for the earlier bucket.
  • Drill Down is implemented for Object listing in folder view at Main Panel and Transfer Panel.

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