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Hide-Unhide Amazon S3 Buckets For Fast Listing and Security

Hide-Unhide Buckets :

Bucket Explorer has an option to hide/ unhide buckets which adds value to the security of your Amazon S3 buckets . Using this option, you can hide your important buckets which you fear, can be altered accidentally.
To Hide
  1. Open " Tools " menu and select " Bucket " option. Then click " Hide/Unhide Bucket ".
  2. This will give you a list of all buckets with a checkbox for each bucket name.
  3. You can hide bucket(s) by simply selecting ( Checking ) the relevant checkbox and clicking on the " OK " button.
  4. Upon refreshing bucket listing, only unhide buckets will be seen. Your important buckets are secured because they are not visible in bucket listing.
To Unhide
  1. To unhide buckets, open Tools menu and select " Bucket " option. Then click on " Hide/Unhide Bucket " option.
  2. Uncheck the checkboxes of the relevant buckets and click " OK ".
  3. Upon  refreshing bucket listing , all buckets will be seen.

You can see hidden buckets in buckets listing, using " show hidden buckets " option.

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