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Host Flash Websites, Movies, and Presentations from Amazon S3

If you happen to engage in enterprises, organizations, or professions that require flash based website hosting as a necessary part of your business, you surely must be looking for web services that are efficient as well as economical.

We usually try to optimize our flash hosting as economically as possible. If the site is crowded with flash movies and presentations, we require larger spaces; this means more expenditure. Besides this, if the flash movies (FLV files) are large or too many, we need more space. Naturally, the hosting server will charge as per our required space. It may impose some data transfer limitations, too.

Amazon S3 provides you the best way out as it allows you to call your flash movies from Amazon S3 instead of calling them from your hosting server.

You can access media files from CloudFront distribution (download or streaming distribution) instead of a simple Amazon S3 URL. For more details, see the action – Stream FLV Video from CloudFront .

All you need to do is to follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

Create an account on Amazon S3 service. Download and install Bucket Explorer at because Amazon S3 is providing only web service interface for developers.

Step 2:

Start Bucket Explorer and create a Bucket create amazon s3 bucket named like “” (Bucket names are case sensitive, so try to use all lower case)

Step 3:

Create a CNAME entry in your domain’s DNS manager interface ( should point to

Step 4:

Now you are ready to access your Bucket using URL - it will automatically be redirected to Amazon S3 (by your DNS server) and Amazon S3 knows that is should serve data from Bucket named

Step 5:

You may not want to allow people to list all the files from your Bucket, so use Bucket Explorer and change the permissions on the Bucket in a way that no one has read access except yourself. To do this, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Step 5.1 : Select the Bucket and right click to choose the option " Update Bucket Access Control List "

    right click option on bucket to update amazon s3 acl
  • Step 5.2 : Give the " READ " permission to " ALL USERS " and " FULL CONTROL " permission to " OWNER " and click to " Save " the Permission list.

    amazon s3 bucket access permission control box

Step 6:

Right click on flash movie(s) and choose " Get Public URL " option to generate accessible http URL. Like:

option to generate amazon s3 web url

Step 7:

Click on " Use Bucket Name as Virtual Host " button and modify each URL(s) according to your CNAME entry like: /demo1.swf

generate public url for image on amazon s3

Step 8:

Use it within your website html source code wherever you want to link.

Step 9:

Please note that Amazon's pricing is truly "on demand" so you have to pay for every GET request and the bandwidth. If you don't want to pay for the bandwidth consumed by the spiders, just add a robots.txt which disallows robots to crawl your bucket's data. Something like this: