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Amazon S3 - How to Add Objects to Versioning Suspended Buckets?

Once versioning is suspended on the Bucket, a null version ID is automatically added by Amazon S3 to the next object stored thereafter using PUT, POST, or COPY operation on the bucket.

In cases like a null version is on the bucket already and you add another object which has the same key, that object (the added object) will overwrite the original null version.

If the bucket has versioned objects, the object being added using PUT operation will become the latest version of the object.

The null version will be overwritten if it already exists.

Note: The key and the version ID (null) of the null version will still be the same before and after the PUT operation. It is the contents of the original null version that will be replaced by the contents of the object added into the bucket using PUT operation.

How to Add Objects to Version-Suspended Buckets?

  • To suspend versioning on a bucket, you have to use PUT Bucket versioning request. You can also check on this link to suspend versioning on a bucket using Bucket Explorer Set Amazon S3 Versioning – PUT Bucket Versioning .
  • To add or store an object in the bucket, you have to use PUT, POST, or COPY request.