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Amazon S3 - How to bookmark remote path?

This allows user to Bookmark Object Listing. It will save the complete path of internal sub folder, which has very frequent usages.
Add Bookmark:
  1. Go to any sub folder(path) in any bucket, which you want to add in bookmark.
  2. Now click on add bookmark button placed in object toolbar. That path will be added successfully.
  3. Add bookmark option is now changed to remove bookmark option.
  4. You can add a maximum of 10 bookmarks for a Bucket.
How To Bookmark Remote Path
Using Bookmark:
  1. Select any bucket where bookmarks are available.
  2. Enter initial keywords in 'Remote path text box' which will suggest relative bookmarks.
  3. Click on the desired bookmark.
  4. Now Objects are listed for the selected virtual path (bookmark).
  5. If bookmark is created for the virtual path, then 'Delete Bookmark' button is enabled.
Delete Bookmark:
  1. Go to any path that is added in bookmark.
  2. There you can see that delete bookmark button is enabled.
  3. Click on delete bookmark button. That bookmark will be removed from the list.
  4. Delete bookmark button will be changed to add bookmark button.

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