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How to cancel AWS Import Export job?

You can cancel an AWS Import/ Export job after submitting it if the job has not started yet. You can only cancel a Job that you own, using the Job ID, by sending the CancelJob request to AWS Server. You can not perform a cancel operation on the job if it has already been started or completed.

You can submit the CancelJob request to AWS Server by using one of the two methods explained below:

Cancel an AWS Export/ Import Job using AWS Import Export REST API CancelJob Request

You can request for canceling a Job using AWS Import Export REST API in your application code. For canceling a Job you need a Job Id that was returned in the CreateJob response. If the job has already started or completed, then the operation will fail. Submit a CancelJob request with Job Id & Job Type.

You will require to write your own software code to use AWS API to cancel AWS Export/ Import Job.

Note: On this website, we will only talk about REST APIs supported by AWS. You can read more on AWS documentation if you want to use SOAP APIs.



Action=CancelJob&JobId= JOBID &JobType=Import&AWSAccessKeyId=

Canceling an AWS Import/ Export Job using Bucket Explorer User Interface

While the CancelJob API of AWS Import/Export allows you to CancelJob by writing code, Bucket Explorer with REST API lets you do that with mouse clicks without writing a single line of code.

Bucket Explorer allows you to cancel Import-Export. This option cancels a specific Import/Export job before Amazon starts the data load. To Cancel a Job click on Cancel icon and the selected Job from the List of Import/Export's Job will be canceled.

Cancel AWS Import Export job

Follow these steps to Cancel Import-Export job:
  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. All the buckets are listed.
  3. Choose option Add-Ins->AWS Import Export .
  4. It displays a window with a list of created Import/Export Jobs.
  5. Select a particular job from the list jobs table to cancel.
  6. Click on "Cancel" icon in the toolbar of List Jobs window.
  7. It will cancel the selected job.

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