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AWS IAM - How to Change the Group for a Team Member in Bucket Explorer Team Edition?

Using Bucket Explorer Team Edition, you can create group with a set of permissions allowed for that group and all users can be added to that group which need the group permissions. Later, if user needs the permission and any other group, you can change the group for a particular user.

Add User To the Group using REST API:

This will Add the specified user to the specified group.
&GroupName= GroupName
&UserName= UserName

Remove User From the Group using REST API:

It will Remove the specified user from the specified group.
&GroupName= GroupName
&UserName= UserName

Follow these steps to change the group for any user using Bucket Explorer:

  1. Go to Bucket Explorer Team Edition site to manage Users and Groups.
  2. Login to the site using your account details.
  3. Enter AWS Access Key and Secret Access Key.
  4. Click on Manage Users .
  5. It will list all Users in your team.
  6. Click on the Edit link corresponding to the User's Email ID for which you want to change the Group.
  7. It will open a new page to edit the current user.
  8. Page will contain details for the user such as the Team Name and Resource (Buckets, Objects) on which user has permissions, and the Groups in which the user exists are shown at the right side.
  9. Admin can change the group by selecting one or more Groups from the left side. User can exist in more than one Group (Max limit for a user is 10 Groups).
  10. If you want to remove the user from a specific group, then remove that group name from the Group List on the right.
  11. After changing the groups, click on the Update button at the bottom to complete the edit operation.