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How to configure Bucket Explorer to use Amazon S3's new Regional Endpoint ?

It is often occurred that Amazon S3 announced the new S3 Region Endpoint and our client immediately wants to use it with Bucket Explorer. But they wait for next release of Bucket Explorer which support that new Region Endpoint announced by Amazon S3. We are supporting configuration option for such situation. Now user can add the new Region Endpoint in confg file and can perform all supported operation on that Region Endpoint using Bucket Explorer.

You will find the following xml tags in BucketExplorer.xml file exist in Config folder of Bucket Explorer. Here under the <EdgeLocations> tag you can add numbers of sub tags named <EdgeLocation> for the endpoint which is not supported by currect version of Bucket Explorer. The <EdgeLocation> tag has three sub tags which are mentioned below:

  1. Region :  This tag contains the name of the Region Endpoint as value that will display to the user.
  2. LocationConstraint : This tag contains location-constraint as value like e.g. for South America (San Paulo) Region location constraint will be s3-sa-east-1.
  3. SystemBucket : This tag is used when Bucket does not have S3 versioning enable and Bucket Explorer does its own versioning. System Buckets are special Buckets generated ONLY by Bucket Explorer to keep track of deleted & updated files. There are two System Buckets named as us.bucketexplorer.(SHA1 of Canonical Id) and eu.bucketexplorer.(SHA1 of Canonical Id) available for the same purpose. The default value of this is us.bucketexplorer.(SHA1 of Canonical Id).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

Click the hyperlink to get more details about Bucket and Region Endpoint .

How to configure Bucket Explorer to use Amazon S3's new Regional Endpoint

  1. Go to the Config folder exist at
    • On Windows
      • %allusersprofile% if it is installed for all user.
      • %appdata% if it is intalled only for me.
      • Root folder from where exe is running, if it is Portable Installed.
    • On Linux
      • Root folder from where exe is running.
    • On Mac
      • .BucketExplorer folder at Mac Home path.
  2. Search for tag <EdgeLocations> and make entry as mentioned above.
  3. Save the xml 
  4. Run Bucket Explorer.
Now you can do following operations (if supported by Amazon S3 and Other related web services)
  • Create Bucket for new Region Endpoint.
  • Upload file in S3 Bucket of new Region Endpoint.
  • Create Web Urls for its S3  Objects.
  • Create S3 Website.
  • Create Distribution.
  • Create Notification.
  • Create Import Export Job.

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