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Amazon S3 - Delete S3 Website

If you want to remove S3 Website Configuration from an Amazon S3 Bucket , you can send an HTTP DELETE Request to Amazon S3 server. To authenticate the request, you need to be the owner of the bucket to have S3:DeleteBucketWebsite permission. As Bucket owner, you can also grant this permission to others by writing a bucket policy that grants users the S3:DeleteBucketWebsite permission.

If you successfully deleted a website configuration, Amazon S3 returns a 200 OK response. You will also get the same 200 OK response if you are trying to delete a website configuration that does not exist on the bucket and will return a 404 response if the bucket in the request does not exist.

You can send DELETE HTTP Request to Amazon S3 server for deleting S3 Website in two ways:

  1. Delete S3 Website by using Amazon S3 REST API- DELETE Website - If you know programming, you can write your own software program to use Amazon S3 supported API to delete S3 Website Configuration from an S3 Bucket.
  2. Delete S3 Website by using Bucket Explorer - If you do not want to write a software program, you can delete S3 Webiste configuration using Bucket Explorer interface, without writing any code.

Delete S3 Bucket as S3 Website using Amazon REST API

To delete website configuration of an S3 Bucket, you can request DELETE Bucket Website. For that, you only need to use Request headers common to all operations.


DELETE /?website HTTP/1.1
Host: bucketname
Date: date
Authorization: signatureValue

Delete S3 Bucket as S3 Website using Bucket Explorer

Instead of writing a program to use "DELETE Bucket Website" API of AWS to delete the website configuration of an S3 bucket, you can use Bucket Explorer to conveniently delete S3 Website with point and click..

Steps to remove S3 Website for a selected bucket:

  1. Start Bucket Explorer and connect with your Amazon S3 account.
  2. Select your desired Bucket on which you want to remove S3 Website.
  3. Click on " Advanced " button. It will give you drop down options. Select " Remove S3 Website " among them.
  4. Click on " Remove S3 Website " option.