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How to Configure Amazon S3 Bucket for Website Hosting (PUT Bucket Website)-Specify Custom Error Document ?

Set error 4XX page using Bucket Explorer

While the “PUT Bucket Website” API of AWS allows you to set and define error 4XX page to display if error occurs by writing codes, Bucket Explorer lets you do that easily without the need to write any code.

Steps to configure error 4XX page:

  1. Start Bucket Explorer and connect with your Amazon S3 account.
  2. Select your desired Bucket on which you want to set S3 Website.
  3. Click on “Advanced” button. It will give you drop down options. Select “S3 Website among them” .
  4. Click on “Set S3 Website” option.
  5. S3 Website window will appear with an option to define error page. Enter error page name and click on Set button.
  6. Note: You cannot specify specific 4XX documents such as 404, 403, and so on. You can only set one error page and all errors will be redirected to the same error page.