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Amazon S3 - How to Delete Bucket Policies on an S3 Bucket (DELETE Bucket policy)?

You can set Bucket Policy on your Amazon S3 Buckets to define Bucket or Object level permissions for that Bucket. If you want to remove the Bucket Policy associated with a Bucket, you can do that by sending an HTTP DELETE Request to the AWS Server. You can only Remove a Bucket Policy if you are the owner of the Bucket. If you are not the Bucket owner or you do not have DeletePolicy permissions, Amazon S3 will return a 403 Access Denied error. If you have permissions but you are not the Bucket owner, Amazon S3 will return a 405 Method Not Allowed error. A 204 No Content error will appear if the Bucket doesn’t have any policy. To authenticate the request, you must be the owner of the Bucket.

You can send a DELETE HTTP Request to Remove the Bucket Policy by using one of the two methods:

1) Remove Amazon S3 Bucket Policy using S3 API Delete Bucket Policy- You will need to write your own code to use Amazon S3 REST API to Remove Bucket Policy. If you want to use SOAP API instead, you can read more on AWS Documentation. On this site, we will be referring to REST API.

2) Remove Amazon S3 Bucket Policy using Bucket Explorer - If, however, you are not a programmer and would not like to write any software program, you can use Bucket Explorer User Interface to delete Bucket Policy with mouse clicks.

Remove Bucket Policy using Amazon REST API DELETE Bucket Policy

To remove Bucket policy on Amazon S3 Bucket, you can request DELETE Bucket policy. For that, you need to use Request headers that are common to all operations.

DELETE /?policy HTTP/1.1
Host: BucketName
Date: date
Authorization: SignatureValue

Remove Bucket Policy using Bucket Explorer

With Bucket Explorer, you do not only set policies on the Bucket, you can also remove them.

Follow the steps below to remove Bucket policy:
  1. Select the Bucket on which you want to remove Bucket policy.
  2. You can remove Bucket policy by clicking on "Advance" >> "Bucket Policy" >> "Delete" at Bucket toolbar.
  3. A window entitled "Bucket Policy" will open and will prompt you with a message "Are you sure you want to remove Bucket policy?"
  4. Click on "Remove" to proceed.
  5. It will display the message "Bucket policy has been removed for Bucket: $ Bucket Name $"