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Amazon S3 - How to Delete Object Versions?

MFA (Multi-Factor-Authentication) Delete has been provided by Amazon S3 to allow user to have additional security for preventing malicious access (unauthorized deletion of an S3 object) on objects. While deleting version(s) of S3 objects, if you have enabled Versioning with MFA Delete , Amazon S3 will ask for an authentication code. This is a valid six-digit code generated from authentication device.

When you enable MFA Delete on your Amazon S3 bucket, and if you are trying to change the versioning state or want to permanently delete an object version, you have to provide two forms of authentication together:

  1. Your AWS account credentials.
  2. The concatenation of a valid serial number and the six-digit code displayed on the approved authentication device. There must be a space between the two numbers and code.

How to get the six-digit code: To use MFA Delete, you must purchase a third-party device that automatically updates the authentication code displayed on it.

How to perform operations with MFA Delete:
  1. Using REST S3 API

    You can perform MFA Delete operations by using Amazon S3 supported REST API in your application code.
  2. Using Bucket Explorer

    You can perform the same MFA Delete related operations using Bucket Explorer by a single click without writing a single line of code.
You can perform the following MFA Delete related operations:
  1. Enable MFA Delete: You have the option of enabling MFA Delete at the same time when you specify the versioning state of the bucket. Click the link to know more about Enable MFA Delete- PUT Versioning with Rest API and using Bucket Explorer.
  2. Disable MFA Delete: You have the option to disable MFA delete at any time you want. Click the link to know more about Disable MFA Delete- PUT Versioning with Rest API and using Bucket Explorer.
  3. Delete object with MFA Delete: When you want to delete a version object with enabled MFA delete, you have to provide required MFA authentication details. To know more about it, click the link Delete Version Object – MFA Delete Object with Rest API and using Bucket Explorer.