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Amazon S3 - Disable MFA Delete

Amazon S3 allows you to enable as well as disable MFA Delete option on S3 Bucket. If your Bucket does not have any sensitive data and you do not want to keep double protection for existing data, then you can disable MFA Delete option on your Amazon S3 Bucket .

You can disable MFA Delete by specifying the versioning state of the bucket. Once you disable MFA delete, all future requests to delete a version will not require the request header x-amz-mfa . To disable MFA Delete Option you can set "Disable" for it else "Enable".

Disable the MFA Delete on the S3 Bucket one of the two ways:

  • Disable MFA DELETE Option on Bucket using Amazon S3 REST API - If you are a programmer, you can write your own code to disable MFA Delete by using PUT Versioning REST API with VersioningConfiguration xml, which contains MFA Delete with disable value and Versioning Status. Please refer to AWS Documentation site to learn about SOAP APIs.  
  • Disable MFA DELETE Option on Bucket using Bucket Explorer - You can disable MFA Delete and S3 Versioning on S3 Bucket using Bucket Explorer User Interface if you do not want to write software code.

Disable MFA Delete using REST S3 API : To disable MFA Delete you can send a PUT request. You must include the x-amz-mfa request header and the MFA Delete request element in the PUT request. The Requests that include x-amz-mfa must use HTTPS.


PUT /? versioning HTTPS/1.1
Host:< BucketName >
Date: Date
Authorization: Signature
x-amz-mfa: [SerialNumber] [AuthenticationCode]
Content-Type: Content-Type
Content-Length: Length of Content

<VersioningConfiguration xmlns="">
<Status> Suspended </Status>>
<MfaDelete> Disable </MfaDelete>>

Using Bucket Explorer: Bucket Explorer helps you Disable MFA Delete without writing a single line of code. You have two options provided by Bucket Explorer to disable Versioning's MFA Delete capabilities at Bucket level.

Follow the steps below to Remove MFA delete on bucket using Bucket Explorer:

  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. Connect to your AWS S3 Account using Bucket Explorer.
  3. Select the desired S3 Bucket from bucket table, on which you want to Remove versioning with MFA Delete.
  4. Right click on that bucket and choose "Versioning" option or click on "Advanced" button on bucket toolbar. It will show drop down options. Select "Versioning" among them. Same operation you can perform from Bucket Toolbar option.
  5. Click on "Remove" option.
  6. A Remove Versioning window will appear with two options to Disable "Versioning" and "MFA Delete".
  7. Uncheck the option that you want to disable.
  8. Then click on Remove button.
  9. It will ask for the Serial number and a valid six-digit code from authentication device.
  10. Enter these valid values and click on Done.
  11. Versioning with MFA delete will be Disabled successfully.