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Amazon S3 - How to delete version of an object?

Versioning in Bucket Explorer helps you in identifying different versions of objects. Various operations can be performed on the versions. You can delete your desired version from listing. After deletion, history of delete operation is saved in audit report.

 Follow these steps to delete versions of objects as:
  1. Run Bucket Explorer and login with your S3 credential so that all buckets get listed.
  2. List objects of the bucket where versioning are set.
  3. After the complete listing, click on 'List Version' button in object toolbar. It starts listing all the versions of the objects that exist in the bucket.
  4. Select the object(s) then right click on them and choose option Delete File --> Delete File(s)... A prompt will now appear to delete. Choose 'Delete Permanently' option to delete.
  5. Deletion of versions will start in queue if you have selected more than one version. For a single version delete, the queue will not be shown.
  6. After deletion, all statistics are shown on a window about the completion of delete process.
  7. Now go to the object listing, click on 'List Version' button again. It will list all the available versions in the bucket. Check if the deleted versions have been removed from the bucket.



  1. You can perform quick delete on the version objects too. To do this, right click on the selected objects then choose  Delete File --> Quick Delete option. It will not save any history of delete operation in audit report.
  2. You can perform deletion of version in  Transfer Panel also.


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