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Amazon S3 - How to download versioning objects?

By enabling versioning on your Amazon S3 bucket, you can preserve, retrieve, and restore every version of overwritten and deleted objects in your bucket. You can enable this feature by turning on a setting called "versioning" in the bucket level. Bucket Explorer allows you to download the versioning object in such a way that you can easily identify and sort them according to the Amazon S3 last modified date.

Follow the steps below to download Versioning Objects:
  1. Select the bucket on which you have set versioning.
  2. There are two ways to list all the versions of objects of the selected bucket.
    • Right click on the bucket and select the option "List All Version" .
    • Click on the button "List Version"  in the Object Toolbar.
  3. Now it will list all the versions of objects of a specific bucket.
  4. You can also list the versions of a particular object by right clicking on the specified object and clicking on the "Show Versions" .
  5. Now select the versions from the list and download them anywhere to your local system same as you download any object of a bucket.
  6. You can see the name of the downloaded versioning object, it would be in the format like $objectname$-$versionId$ . $ObjectExtension$ , so you can easily identify all of them.
  7. The last modified date of all downloaded versioning objects is the same as the last modified date of  Amazon S3.