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How to get total http request statistics for Amazon s3?

Bucket Explorer provides you with options to get the Statistics of total HTTP Request made by your account for Amazon S3. Using Request statistics , you can keep track of the number of requests made by your account and amount of data uploaded or download from Amazon S3. You can also calculate approximate cost for your account. It keeps track of each request whenever you log-in to your Amazon S3 account using Bucket Explorer.

How to get total http request statistics for amazon s3
Steps for get total http request statistics for amazon s3:
  1. Run Bucket Explorer and get authenticated with your saved credentials.
  2. Select  Tools >> Request statistics  option.
  3. It will open panel Request statistics option.
  1. In that panel you can see two tabs :
  2. The bottom side panel shows options to update Rate for all the requests: HEAD, PUT, GET & POST. You can update the Rate and it will affect the cost in the table immediately. All DELETE requests are free at Amazon S3.
  3. There is a help link available to see the “Latest price list for Amazon S3”.
Request statistics will show you two types of S3 account history:
ˆ  Today's History:
  1. It shows the Request History for today whenever you run Bucket Explorer.
  2. Today's Request history consists of Start time & End time of your account login, GET, HEAD, PUT, POST & DELETE requests made by your account, total Cost for those requests, and Data Uploaded & Downloaded using Bucket Explorer.
  3. The first row of the table shows present session of Request history. Its End time will be Running.
  4. Order of history in table will be in decreasing order of time.
  5. When you click on refresh button, Values of First row ( Current ) will be updated up to the current time.
ˆ  Monthly History:
  1. It shows Request History for the current month as well as for previous months.
  2. Monthly history consists of Month name, total GET, HEAD, PUT, POST & DELETE requests made in that month, total approx, and cost for the total request, total data Uploaded & Download in that month.