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How to host iTunes library on Amazon S3?

If you own a digital musical library, you might have faced one of the following problems:
  • Keep upgrading the external hard drive storage capacity if new music is consistently being added.
  • Spend a lot of time doing backups.
  • Carrying the hard drive around is cumbersome and there’s a risk that it could be damaged in transit.
  • Your music is accessible only from the hard drive.

By using Amazon S3 for storage, you can expand the music storage capacity, access music from anywhere in the world, access music directly from iTunes on laptop, not with an external digital music device. Amazon S3 is the solution that allows you to “access without an excess” .

For a better performance, you can store your data at Amazon S3 and access it using Amazon CloudFront. For more details– Stream FLV Video from CloudFront

Bucket Explorer is a utility for Mac, Linux, and Windows which simply acts as a “facilitator” in storing data on Amazon S3 server.