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Amazon S3 - How to ignore Bucket Commander root folder for uploads and downloads?

With ignore root folder of Bucket Commander, you can directly upload the content of folder(s) to root of specified bucket/virtual folder.

If you are a web admin and want to host your website from Amazon S3, you need to upload site content in S3 bucket and use the URLs to access that content from Amazon S3.

Using Bucket Commander, you can easily upload that content on Amazon S3.

Suppose you are uploading images of your site on S3 bucket using Bucket Commander, by default, it will create an image folder on S3 bucket and all images will be uploaded to this folder.

In this case, you have to use the following URLs to access images:

Here, $bucketname$ is its point to S3 bucket on Amazon S3 in which you have uploaded images folder. But if you want all images to be uploaded on the root of your bucket, you need to update commander config file to change the value of tag <IgnoreRootFolderInQueueOperation> to true.

Ignore Root Folder for Upload Operation

If you upload images folder using Bucket Commander, it will not create images folder on the S3 bucket. All images will be uploaded to the root of the bucket.

In this case, you need to use the following URLs to access images:


Next time, whenever you want to add new images on S3, you can easily sync local folder of images with S3 using Bucket Commander.

  1. Open BucketCommander.xml
  2. Find the <IgnoreRootFolderInQueueOperation> Tag in Xml.
  3. Change its value to True .
  4. Save Configuration file.
  5. Run Bucket Commander with action Upload .
    Ex. Bucket Commander.exe –action: upload
    [-authenticate: $nickname$ ]
  6. Make sure that you have already configured the upload operation.
    To configure upload-download operation for Bucket Commander – Configure Bucket Commander for upload download and copy?
  7. Now Bucket Commander only uploads content of specified folder to root of bucket/virtual folder.

Ignore Root Folder for Download Operation

You can also download the contents of a virtual folder only from your Amazon S3 account by ignoring the folder. The contents will be downloaded at the configured path. The folder will not be created if <IgnoreRootFolderInQueueOperation> Tag in BucketCommander.Xml is set to True .

For Download operation – Run Bucket Commander with the following command:

Ex. Bucket Commander.exe –action: download [-authenticate: $nickname$ ]