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How to ignore certain file type while uploading on Amazon S3?

Filter Upload/Download

Suppose you have thousands of file in a folder at local which contains some image files and some text files. And you want to upload only the image files to a bucket on S3. First way to do this is to manually differentiate image files and text files then upload image files. But this process takes time which is increased with respect to the number of files in that folder.

Bucket Explorer is providing a feature to ignore specific files while performing upload or download operations. This feature helps you to skip upload/download process for the files which have particular file extension.

So using Bucket explorer, you can say that all the txt files are not uploaded to the bucket. So you do not need to filter manually the image files.

This will address any security issues you might have with uploading or downloading files like executable (.exe) files or image files, which might cause harm to your system.

How to ignore files from upload and download ?

Steps to ignore extensions from Upload and Download -

  1. Run Bucket Explorer and get authenticated with your saved credentials.
  2. Now select Tools >> Advance Preferences option from menu bar .
  3. This will open the Advance Setting panel having three tabs: General Setting, Proxy Setting and Queue Setting.
  4. Go to General Setting tab.
  1. Here you can find options to “ Ignore Extensions ” for upload and Download process.
  2. Enter the extensions which you want to ignore for upload and download operations in the respective textboxes of upload and download ignore extensions by separating with comma.
    For example: jpg, png, txt, htm.
  3. After entering extensions, click on Save button to save the settings.
  4. Now perform some upload or download operation.
  5. Queue will open and it will ignore the files for upload or download operation which extension will be the same as mentioned in ignore list for respective upload or download operation.
  6. While processing operation in queue, at start, you will get a tool tip as information for the ignore extensions.
  7. All the objects will be uploaded/downloaded successfully except files ending with the extensions mentioned in the ignore list.
  8. Refresh the listing to get your uploaded/downloaded objects. It won't contain the ignored files.