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How to manage HTTP Headers for Amazon S3 Objects?

HTTP Headers : Sometimes, you run into situations where you want to update/ add more/ remove HTTP Headers on your uploaded S3 Objects (files) for performing certain actions, for ex. Cache-Control, Content-Language, Expires, Website-Redirect-Location etc. Bucket Explorer offers a very advance UI (HTTP Header Panel) for you to manage and customize all Amazon S3 HTTP Headers. Using Bucket Explorer's HTTP Header Panel, you can:
  • Add HTTP header on objects.
  • Upload objects with custom header.
  • Setting Bucket defaults.

Manage http headers for amazon s3 objects

How to manage HTTP Headers for S3 Objects :

  1. Run Bucket Explorer and get authenticated with your saved credentials.
  2. Go to menu Tools >> HTTP Headers option.
  3. It will open a panel entitled “Manage HTTP Headers”.
  4. It will show you the list of predefined headers. It consists of two types of headers: System header and User defined header.
  5. Here you can add a new header and its value or update value of existing headers. (You can not update or delete System headers)
  1. To add new header-value, go to the bottom of header-value table and you will find a row having * at the end. Click on that row.
  2. Now a panel " Add HTTP Header " appears to add single header and its values.
  3. Give the name of header and click on * (asterisk) to add values.
  4. You can add multiple values for a header here and save values.
  5. To update HTTP Header, just double click on any header.
  6. You will find existing value of header if it exists. Update and Save it.

How to add HTTP Header on objects?

  1. Go to Add, Edit and Remove Metadata option on bucket or objects.
  2. You will find a list of existing headers in drop down.
  3. You can add your own header value which will be saved in the existing list for future use.
  4. You can also manage HTTP headers at Upload with Custom Header option and at Object Properties.
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