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Amazon S3 - How to manage S3 Object Permissions (Object ACL)?

Access Control List (ACL) does not only allow you to manage access to your Buckets but also to the Objects in your Bucket. As previously mentioned, Bucket ACLs and Object ACLs are independent permissions. In that case, whenever you set ACL permissions on your Bucket, the Objects contained in your Bucket will not necessarily have the same permissions. In Object ACL, by default, it is also the owner of the Bucket who has full permissions on the Object. He/she can either make the Objects publicly available in which he/she can make it available for anybody to access or make it private so that it is only him/her who can access the Objects and set permissions. And since Bucket Explorer now supports Amazon S3 versioning, you can share version objects with your friends by making such versions publicly available by generating their Web URL. You can either update all version objects of a Bucket or only selected version objects.

With Object ACL, you can also update ACL for selected objects by batch.

For more information about Object ACL, click on Access Control List (ACL) .