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Amazon S3 - How to Manage S3 Objects in a Versioning-Enabled Bucket (GET Bucket versioning)?

If Bucket Versioning is enabled on an Amazon S3 Bucket , then you can list the version(s) of any particular Amazon S3 Object or you can list all of the versions of all of the objects, which have been overwritten or deleted from an Amazon S3 bucket. You can get versions of objects by listing the versions. On the versions, you can perform various operations like you can delete version of an object or you can restore version of an object

You can list version Objects by sending the GET Request either using Amazon S3 API GET Bucket versioning OR using Bucket Explorer User Interface. To use Amazon S3 API, you will need to write your own software program, however, if you do not want to write your program, you can use Bucket Explorer User Interface to list version Objects using mouse clicks.

The below two sections describe how can you List versions of objects using Amazon S3 API GET Bucket versioning in your code or using Bucket Explorer.

1. List versions of objects using Amazon S3 REST API- GET Bucket versioning

To list the versioning state of an Amazon S3 Bucket, you can request GET Bucket versioning. For that, you need to only use Request headers that are common to all operations. To authenticate the request, you must be the owner of the Bucket.


GET /?versioning HTTP/1.1
Host: BucketName
Content-Length: length
Date: date
Authorization: signatureValue

Three versioning states and their responses:

  • If versioning is enabled on the Bucket:

    <VersioningConfiguration xmlns="">
  • If versioning is suspended on the Bucket:

    <VersioningConfiguration xmlns="">
  • If versioning has never been enabled (or suspended) on the Bucket:

    <VersioningConfiguration xmlns="">

2. List versions of objects using Bucket Explorer

You can list it in an organized way using Bucket Explorer.

Steps to list versions of S3 Object:

  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. Right click on the Bucket on which you have already enabled versioning.
  3. Select "List All Versions" option.
  4. You can also click on "List Version" button provided above the object toolbar. This will also list all versions of S3 objects if versioning is enabled for the selected S3 Bucket.
  5. You will get all updated or deleted version of S3 objects.
  6. You have "Delete or Version" column which shows you the version details. It shows Delete for the S3 objects that has been deleted and shows Version for the S3 objects for which versions are available with last modified date and unique version Id.
  7. You can only update ACL of versions of S3 objects.
Note: As we list version objects, "Switch to object list" button appears on the object toolbar. Clicking on this button switches you to S3 object list from version object list.