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Amazon S3 - How to run Bucket Commander in Shared Hosting environment?

Bucket Commander is a command line tool for Amazon S3. It can be used in Shared Hosting Environment to take Automated Backup of your data.
Since Shared Hosting Environment does not allow you to run UI application, you can’t create a new configuration or make changes in the configuration. It's better to create configuration on your machine and then copy it to the Shared Hosting server where you want to run Commander .

Steps to run Commander on Shared Hosting Server:

  1. Run Bucket Explorer UI on Local Machine and configure Bucket Commander at  Tools-> Commander->Edit Commander Config File for any of the three actions [upload/download/copy]
  2. Copy the root folder of Bucket Commander to the Shared Server.
  3. Run Bucket Commander.
  4. It will prompt you to Re-Save the AWS credentials . Since the program is unable to decrypt credentials on this Shared machine, it will ask for Update Credentials.
  5. Now it asks for Access Key and Secret Key.
  6. After having authentication successfully, it will perform the action that you have provided.