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How to set pagination in large Amazon S3 Buckets?

While the objects in a bucket are limited, you can manage them with ease but as the size grows it becomes a cumbersome task. Bucket Explorer gives you the privilege to implement paging while your listing of objects is shown. This speeds up listing process.

There is a button “ Next with a Question mark (?) ”. Clicking on the question mark takes you to an explanation how can you see a long list of objects in a shorter time by listing it page per page rather than by a continuous listing. You can set a specific number of objects per page to be seen at a time. The next button helps you see the next chunk of S3 objects according to page size.

Follow the steps to set pagination:
  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. From the Tools menu, click on ' Advance Preferences ' option.
  3. It opens Advance Setting window.
  4. Just specify the page size in the given ' page size '( Pagination ) box.
    Default page size is 1000.
  5. Click on the " OK " button to save the page size settings.
  6. Now refresh object listing and you will see the number of objects that you’ve set in preference panel.
  7. There will be a next button at the top bar of object panel if the number of object in bucket is greater than the page size.
  8. Clicking on Next button will display the next number of objects as per page size.