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Update Amazon S3 ACL in Batch on Bucket

Bucket Explorer provides a feature to update ACL on all the objects exist in Amazon S3 Bucket in bulk. Amazon S3 allows you to update ACL on single object in one request at one time. To update ACL on all the objects of Bucket, you have to perform operation manually one by one, Bucket Explorer lets you to update ACL on all the object of Bucket in parallel. Using this feature, you can update ACL for all the objects in a  Bucket without selecting the objects. The process of updating ACL is performed in queue , so you can see the  statistics of the process .

Update Amazon S3 ACL for all objects of a bucket:
  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. All the buckets are listed.
  3. Now select a bucket for which you want to update Amazon S3 ACL permission.
  4. Click on Batch Operation icon -> Update ACL in bucket toolbar.
    Right click on Update Bucket’s Access Control List .
  5. It will open  “Update ACL” window.
  6. Set permissions as per your requirement to update Amazon S3 ACL.
  7. Click on “Update ACL”.  It will start a queue with all the objects of the selected bucket.
  8. When the queue processes are finished, it will show the statistics report for the status of the processes.